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Another proof Half-Life community should stop getting excited about whatever piece of content it's recieving just because the series was dead for the last decade.
Making excuses for it many people fell for devs' lies and shady circumstances under which it was being made, accusations of stealing content turned out to be true despite what developers claimed, and the whole delaying thing just proves just how amateur the people behind it are. They couldn't even make it less than 50gb and, apparently, despite all the delays, they still had to push a post-release update which was another 6gb large.
I'm only more convinced there wasn't even any game to be released until they failed to slap it together in the last few weeks.
We all (well, some of us) knew it was going to turn out bad, but at least I thoght it would be funny. It's not.

I'm almost sorry for the devs for whom this game was supposed to be a ticket into game dev world :/

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