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Hi! my name is Jesus F.G. and here I post my maps and mods. Thanks for your visit and have a great day! :)

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JamyzGenius Blog

HAPPY 2020!

Contact Info.

- Email: JamyzGenius@hotmail.com

- DeviantArt: Jamyzgenius.deviantart.com

- ArtStation (My 3D content is here): Artstation.com

- Behance (My Graphic Design Portfolio - WIP): Behance.net

- Modding Portfolio [Outdated]: Sites.google.com

- Steam Workshop: Steamcommunity.com

- Youtube Channel: Youtube.com

A Must Read if you enjoy H.P. Lovecraft!

This are my guitars:

I broke the whammy of the last one :O

Games & hobbies:

I love first and third person shooters like Quake, Wolfenstein, Gears of War and Doom. RPGS Like Skyrim and KotOR, ARPGs like Diablo 1 and 2+ exp, adventure games like Grim Fandango, and many more. I love big box PC game art, and I am usually skeptical with new releases. Playing games all the time is not really something I like to do, not at all. I am not a super insane or hardcore gamer. I may get in first place in some quake matches, but against a pro, I am close to nothing :]. But careful... that doesn't mean that I will not fight back! I do really, really enjoy a good competition or an interesting challenge. Same in modding, sometimes I like to extend the barriers of what seems possible for me as a person or designer, or thinking out of the box to solve an issue that looks impossible to implement from scratch. Sometimes only notepad is the only tool needed to create a mind-blowing effect. Looking at you The Force Unleashed II Evolution Mod. 90% of the development of that mod (Probably spent two years working on it) was done with notepad. Most was code modification with what I was able to figure out inside .XML files.

My personal hobbies are guitars and game modding. I got a really cool computer thanks to my family when I was young, and I did my best to approach it at its 110% studying how to improve as a 3D designer and as a mod developer for my favorite video-games.

I also love movies of almost every kind, design and recreate stuff. Go out to places, travel and taste food of almost every kind. I love cities, music, parties, bands and concerts. I like Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Classical Music, Heavy Metal and other most sub-genres of Metal. I play the guitar, acoustic and electric. Playing for almost 9 years by far. I am not a professional, I just make noise.

You should hear this:

I had modding for a couple of games, mainly Star Wars ones. Games that I have modded/map:

About 2007-ish to 2015
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Jedi Outcast sometimes
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Star Wars The Force Unleashed II
Spiderman Web of Shadows
Star Wars The Force Unleashed I

After 2017

Guacamelee! Gold Edition

War for the Overworld

Hello Neighbor

Painkiller: Hell and Damnation

Reflex Arena

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell

Roblox / Creator Studio (One game released so far, made about 10 to 20 maps/areas/stages there).

Games modded or did maps for which content was not released Online (personal use mods):

Spiderman 3

Unreal Tournament 3

The Haunted: Hells Reach - When it was a mod for UE3.

Doom 1 (1993)

Quake 1

Quake 3: Arena

Garry's Mod

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Note: these range since I started to mod.

Please note: by this point, not all the mods I did for these games were published. In the past, I had a tendency to delete most of my modifications because those were made for personal use. If they are not in Moddb, they should be in the steam workshop, or floating around google somewhere :].

I understand a little bit how to use a couple of modding tools such as:

UDK (UE3) and Unreal Engine 4 (Heavy level design making, 3D environment design plus basic blueprints)
Creation Tool for Skyrim (Basic rigging and getting a playable model in-game)
Gtk Radiant 1.4 and 1.5 + BehavED (Heave emphasis on map/level making and basic cinematic creation)
Gimp - CrazyBump - Substance Painter + Substance Designer (3D Environment Design / Texturing related)
Photoshop and most of the Adobe Creative Cloud. (Graphic Design, 2D Art/Animation and Texturing/Image Manipulation).
3D Studio Max, Blender, Zbrush and a little bit of Maya. I do not dominate the software, but I know how to do modelling at Low poly and High Poly for Props/Environments, I know how to do UVW Mapping and the basics of game import/export. I also do a little bit of sculpting for my 3D Environment Design work.

My mods are about:

Texture edition at different resolutions. Some of my mod packages contain more than 100+ individual modified textures.
Maps, levels, scripting and total conversions. I know how to make big levels that can take up to max three weeks of development and also total conversions. I worked for about two years in two individual projects on my free time. Eight months to release a big playable total conversion with about 20 playable levels.
Modelling, props and detailing for maps/levels.
Basic scripting/code modification in a couple of games to get X effect or a Y action. An example is a cinematic on Jedi Academy with the BehavED software, or the port and function of an enemy that does not exist in a specific game, and after modding that enemy is ready to fight in-game. Hence The Force Unleashed II: Evolution Mod or and my Jedi Academy addons/mods for more references. I also know how to work with blueprints at a basic level in Unreal Engine 4. I had modified games with LUA, C# and know a little bit about HTML, CSS and JavaScript too. But note, I do not consider myself a programmer, I am more oriented towards the art side of things.


Participated in Hello Mods Contest 2017 with Iknosabuk - Ended in 4th place: Indiedb.com

Participated in CGTraderAwards 2017: Cgtrader.com


Looking forward to participate in more in the upcoming future!


Most of my mods are recreations of other amazing artists/designers and use copyright material that belongs to their respective companies and authors. I do my very best to credit in a 100% manner everything I use. The last thing I want on Earth is to deal with someone suing me or copyright problems. If you are a legal professional from those companies and want me to delete the mod. Just contact me and I will delete the mod or addon asap.

I really like to modify the things and games I like and I am also looking forward to take this to the next level, meaning, professionally. My mods are not perfect, but I always try to know the very basics of what I am using. I can be very passionate about these and may talk for ages about mods and their development. At the same time I am always open to learn, and hear feedback. I can work with teams of different personalities well, and can manage and be a leader as-well if needed. So far, I had worked with about 4 modding/game dev teams (most small, about 3 to 4 people) since I started, in one of these teams I was the leader and the end product was developed and meet requirements and also we meet the deadline.

You can see below a couple of my mods/maps.

KotOR 2 The Ravager on Unreal Engine 4

Nihilus Last Stand in 3DS

Star Wars Scene Testing [Unreal Engine 4]

SW JKA KotOR 2 Duels Maps

SW JKA KotOR 2 Duels Maps

SW JKA KotOR 2 Duels Maps

SW JKA KotOR 2 Duels Maps

KotOR 2 Mod for JKA The Ravager

Citadel Station GTK Radiant

Zez Kai Ell KotOR 2 mod development


Page: Moddb.com


Page: Moddb.com



SW JKA KotOR 2 Duels Pre-Release - Mod DB


Some of my MODDB addons:


Star Wars Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy (Just a couple of them):

Chivalry Medieval Warfare (Credits: Torn Banner)

Thanks for your visit!!!

I salute you!


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hi JamyzGenius i really like your Knights of the old Republic 2 duels but wil you make a knights of old Republic 1 duels

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

i know all duels in Kotor 1 Calo Nord and Davik on taris Juhani on Dantooine Calo Nord on Tatooine Darth Bandon and Master Uthar on Korriban Saul and Darth Malak on The Laviathan Chuundar on Kashyyyk Bastila on Rakata The Battle of the Star Forge Bastila and Darth Malak on the Star Forge

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JamyzGenius Creator

Hi Mads!

thank you so much for the comments and suggestions. I apologize the late reply. I had been a little bit busy nowadays. I remember I replied in YouTube too, and in my trailer videos. Still, my answer will remain the same. I am not exactly sure if I will return to mod Jedi Academy again, but if I do. For sure I will take a look into your ideas. I love them and I thank you deeply for sharing them with me. I appreciate that so much.

I hope you are well, and wish you happy holidays! :)

Best Regards,

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Feliz año nuevo Jamyz !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JamyzGenius Creator

Ty Anyna!

Sorry for the late reply. I hope you had been well, and I wish you a great year too.

I send you warm regards!
Jam :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi Jamyz

I'm visiting you a bit
I hope you are fine and stuff
Is been a while since i visited my friends but i'm visiting you too even if we talked recently
I actually started a conversion project for a game but uncertain what i gotten myself into , you can check them at my latest 2 blogs

I wish you well

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JamyzGenius Creator

Hi Anyna, sounds really interesting. I will check them up.

I wish you well too, nice to see hear from you again Anyna.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Gracias senor

All fine in my life yes but more preoccupied than ever
Even so am never forgetting my friends
You got so many videos with stuff and i also see you are modding Jedi Academy , i really liked Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy both but only managed to finish the first game , the Academy was always crashing on me for some reason
Those were good times

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Do you still make force unleashed mod? Sorry i haven't visit moddb for a while.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
JamyzGenius Creator

Hello there matey.

Not right now. I toke a break from modding. I plan to return soon and probably continue Evolution Mod. Stay tuned :]

Best Regards!

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