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Level Designer/Game Designer Working with UDK/CryEngine 3/Unreal Engine 4. Storming ideas right now, looking to have some good news pretty soon. I'm 25% Irish, I'm also a musician, computer wiz, and a father. I'm seeking contacts who can model assets, rig and skin. I need help with the assets and welcome equal partners. I'm currently pretty good with level design. Add me, and PM if your interested in working together. Action, survival, RPG's, and FPS preferred, but not set in stone.

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Unreal Engine 4

jakeb89 Blog

So, I finally got my sub for UE4 and I have to say this thing is amazing. If any of you guys are into game design I would highly recommend checking it out. Not only is it a state of the art engine, highly optimized, and supports multiple platforms, but it's only $20 now!

I've been following Unreal for years and I think they've really out done themselves this time. Support for Android, iOS, OS X, and Linux are all supported. The next update coming this week supports integration with Twitch so you can stream straight to twitch from your editor and get your dev on live or show off a demo of what you're working on.

They've also been working on integrating the marketplace into UE4. When the marketplace fully launches it will be a one stop shop for custom resources like code, assets, plugins, and extensions. The guys at Unreal already have plans for adding a weapons pack for those devs working on action games at launch. So, when the marketplace launches you can drop $30 bucks and have weapons ready to be added into your game.

I'm coming back!

jakeb89 Blog

Hey guys,

Well, after a recent bout of non-activity I will be returning relatively soon. Just got my sub for UE4, looking into getting some artists to do some modeling and or animation work for me. Plan on starting to get a new project up and running and getting a new GTX 750 ti :D.

It's been quite sometime since I've had anything worth posting about and it's made me depressed to be away from the community for so long. I look forward to seeing you guys around the watering hole again. Can't wait to start getting productive once again!

Look for more news coming soon.


Another year gone

jakeb89 Blog

So, here I sit in my room and another year has passed. That's right guys, it's my birthday today and I just turned 24. Time just keeps moving on, let's see if I get into anything today besides sitting in my room. :/

Hopefully I'll have some new stuff to post soon. I've been digging into Digital Painting with Digital Tutors, and I'm currently waiting on my new Wacom tablet to get here. Gotta love personal B-day presents. I figured with it probably being the only thing I'll get this year I might as well make sure I get something I'll love :)

See you around, and have a wonderful day!

So, I just finished the Introduction to Maya 2013 course. I got my Certificate of Achievement about 30 minutes ago and I scored a 95% on the test! The ship is modeled, textured, rigged, and animated. I'm currently waiting for the final batch render which I will be posting as a video either tonight or early tomorrow morning. It just started about 20 minutes ago and it's finishing img 9 out of 200. So, it will probably be finished sometime in the next 4 hours. I'm going to bed and I'll see you guys on the flip side. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Have a wonderful day! (-_-)ZzZzz

Area 51

jakeb89 Blog

Welp, she's finished! Lesson 51 is finally over and the jet model is completed and textured. I've still got rigging and animating to go! I'm really digging DT's learning paths, I would recommend them to anyone who want's to learn more about their trade. www.digitaltutors.com there's literally something for everyone.

Final renders of the model are up now, go check'em out!

Whew... 38 down

jakeb89 Blog

Three days later and a lot of late night work and I've finally managed to finish the Modeling section of Digital Tutors Introduction to Maya 2013. Texturing, rigging, and animating still to go, wish me luck! lol
By the way, I posted 4 images of the finished model for the Space Jet, go check it out! I'm pleased with the result at least. :)

So, I finally broke down and started paying for training. Just finished lesson 23 in Digital Tutors Introduction to Maya 2013, and I'm pushing on through till the A.M. Posted a pic of the project so far, it's just a render of a partially complete space jet but still, go check it out! They really go into depth on there training and offer certificates that, at the least, you can use to represent verifiable work hours in an industry field. They offer tests for their learning paths, and two different certificates. You can earn a certificate of completion by making it through the entire learning path, and then you can earn a certificate of achievement by making a passing grade on the test as well. The certificate of achievement shows the completed hours of training on it as well and can be verified online with your certificate code. $45 dollars a month is bad for the quality of the goods, go check'em out.

Draconian Entertainment now has an official website on weebly.com! I just finished setting up the webpage and it is now published. Come check it out and tell me what you think. Hit up the forum too! We have several sections similar to the moddb forum page for Draconian Studios. I switched the names around to better suit the scope of my two branches. Draconian Studios is the Music department while Draconian Entertainment is the encompassing entity that covers game design as well as umbrellas D.S., I look forward to seeing all you guys there!

TESV Creation Kit

jakeb89 Blog

I've been working with the Creation Kit for Skyrim lately. I've enrolled in the classes at TES Alliance, and hope to be putting out some playable stuff pretty soon. I've also been working on studying my C# skills and have finished a text based game programmed to run in console. I'm starting windows programming, and working some more on the CK tomorrow. I'll post some screens of the Skyrim stuff I've been messing with sometime today.

Thanks guys!

Hero Engine

jakeb89 Blog

Hello guys,
I'm finally back and I'm starting up a new project. Hero engine, I'm sure most of you have heard of it. It's the engine behind Starwars: The Old Republic. I'm starting up a development studio with a Friend of mine, and I'm currently looking for anyone interested in collaborating on a relatively large MMO project. I currently have a hero engine account with 97 free seats left on my Dev team. If anyone is interested in learning more about the project or interested in offering their skills please PM me here at moddb or shoot me an email at jakebarnes1989@gmail.com with SUBJ: MODDB DEV TEAM

We are currently seeking anyone with proven skills in:

3DS max for Asset creating (characters, monsters, weapons, flora/fauna etc. etc.)
~Animating/Rigging experience a Plus.~

Experience Animators/Riggers

Experience FX artists

Programmers: Anyone who already knows Hero Script or existing knowledge of another industry standard programming language who is willing to delve into the HeroScript language.

Experienced story boarders / Writers

Experienced Level Designers

Experienced Musicians or sound engineers

*NOTE* ALL APPLICANTS will be required to submit a portfolio or demonstrate their knowledge in their field of expertise.

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate all of the support we have recieved here at Moddb.

Can't wait to hear from you guys!


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