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Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch

Game review

Mark Leung hits the spot as a parody game, unlike some other parody games this game isn't a tryhard.

It is flatout simple and never tries to be like other parody games, clearly its made from Marks own vision of parody and given his personal "jester" nature the end result feels very natural.

It is not the best crafted game obviously and has some minor issues with sometimes audio refusing to work if you use openal or bad gfx settings may force you to delete the "prefs.cs" file and restart the config from scratch, but aside from that, the live action videos give it a certain flavor rarely seen in games nowadays I was definitely pleased with this game.

As for RPG elements there is leveling and several equipement pieces and a fair amount of items, really anything you would expect form a old school rpg, simple but deep enough where its not just flatout nonsense.


Dead Meets Lead

Game review - 1 agree

Its actually sad they closed shop, with 80k+ pirates playing according to their internal game statistics you would think this game would have at least minimaly sustainable sales.

That being said the game fairs well in the graphics and audio department, the overall presentation isn't bad tho it feels like a early 2000's game.

It is challenging and with no difficulty setting whatsoever might set some people off regardless it is a fun game, probably not the kind of game one would clock many hours in a row due to its difficulty.

I personaly won't say the lack of a multiplayer mode is a con but I think more could have been done with the game.

Still I give it a nice 7/10... games are supposed to be entertainment and this definitely entertains my time, given its now freeware everyone should at least give it a try.

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