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Barry Collins is a successful Art Freelancer in the Games Industry with over 10 years experience working from remote for studios all around the world. In 2004 Barry was the lead artist on a mod called Eon, Which gained a lot of attention but eventually fell to the wayside for paying work to keep a roof over his head.

Knights is Barry's current indie endeavor, spending all of his time marketing, developing and art directing it.

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Hey guys, So i'm new to this site. My name is Barry Collins!
I'm actually a professional game developer, I have like somewhere around 10 years paid experience, maybe more? man, Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.

So we Finally Released some in-game Footage, and now were working on a bunch more, all the while - working on getting the gameplay up and running. Its realy great, finally pulling the team together, getting stuff done! i'm excited, this next few weeks should be intensely productive for knights!

Also, i plan on getting my website - www.greymattercandy.com up and fully operational soon, right now its just a work in progress, The site should be quite interesting, it'll be a game industry resource site, so a great place to read about new talent from the communities, or old talent like Kenneth Scott who everybody should know and love. Ill spotlight old works of art and why there fantastic examples still and new ones, and why they are doing something meaningful and advancing the art of the game industry instead of just keeping it in its toy like state of useless pop art.

I will also have lots of Contributors, from Indie Developers to Professionals in various fields in the industry, be it marketing, Outsourcing, Art Direction, Art Production and so on.

So ya, Lots of stuff on my plate these days! All the while iv been doing Contract environmental work, so at this rate i don't know the meaning of the word "free time"...

Anyway, Thanks for reading, Ill make some updates regularly.

Take care!

Barry Michael Collins.

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