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Dev notes this week

Hyoslvr1 Blog

This weeks report features updates from SNIPER62 Development Team Lead, and SCKING Quality Assurance Team Lead. Players as these (and their team members) volunteer their time for the betterment of WWII Online, and are always looking for players like YOU to join their teams. Applications can be emailed to jobs@corneredrats.com for technical or non-technical roles.

From the desk of SNIPER62

The Development (Dev) team has a broad role. This is home base for our programming team and they're often in the game's client, host, or other supporting architecture working to improve the player's experience or our game as a whole.

Fundraiser Perks and Adjustments

Hyoslvr1 Blog


2018 Fundraiser and Perks

Special thanks to all that contributed to the 2018 Fundraiser primary goal! Stretch goal funding is still underway and is at 20%! The teams are working on fulfilling donation perks as we speak, so keep an eye on your email "inbox" for details.

Fundraiser stretch goals are just over 20% funded for content requested items:

    • High Command Officer uniforms and permission set
    • Mission Leader uniforms and permission set
    • Personal decals available on Infantry uniforms
    • Return of the Old Bunkers (City and Pentagon) with new and improved artwork
    • We'll introduce several new towns to the game and expand the map
    • We'll target advertising to help expand our reach and bring new players in

Visit the 2018 Fundraiser page for more details. Show your support and be prepared to "Pack the bunker!!!"

Campaign 152 Status

Today marks the 60th day of Campaign 152! The map seems to be pushing West, but with great resistance! This campaign is FAR from over, spawn in NOW and join the fight!

Server Adjustments

CRS constantly monitors the campaigns and servers. It was determined that the following changes were needed:

    1. Supply timers (the time equipment returns to the battlefield when you are "killed in action" from 12 hours, to 15 hours
    1. Capture timers (as of today) were increased by approx. 25% overall. Low population adjustments remained in tact.

Useful Links for WWII Online

For the WWII Online enthusiasts, here are a few links to keep you updated on WWII Online - in and out of the game.

    • The Squad Tools help you track and manage your squad, view squad activity, and campaign performance.

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