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I started an indie game studio in 2011 looking to produce AAA quality multiplayer FPS's (inspired by CoD of course). Yeah... that never happened. The first engine I ever used was called "Gamemaker 8" and I made a pacman style 2d game. I liked it but wanted to make 3d games. That's when I found Unity3D. I downloaded it and got started I didn't know how to code or anything about scripting but I found some tutorials and went to it. At first, all my games were made with sh*t assets and crappy textures but I thought it was cool. Anyways, I got used to coding (I'm now fluent in C#) and learned how to 3D model. I started experimenting with other engines such as UDK, and CryENGINE but initially came back to Unity. I am currently working on a survival horror title by the name of "The Shadows" and it's coming along great!


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Race custom downhill mountain biking tracks created by the community in Descenders