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Welcome to my bio! It's not much but everything here is a work in progress (like my game). Stay tuned and feel free to send ideas my way!

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The Alterra Project

heymatt18 Blog

I've always been a long time fan of games, their otherworldly characteristics and charm always drew me and millions of others into them for hours on end. Some games stood far above the others for me, whether it was the RPG wonderland of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the adventure aspects and stories of the Legend of Zelda, the loot caves and fantastic raids of Destiny, or the wonderful surprise of a little indie game called Undertale. Combine these along with multiple other fantastic titles and you end up with me, an inspired kid fresh out of high school hoping to make something great. Over the course of the last year I have slowly but surely been constructing the skeleton of what I'm calling The Alterra Project, a 2D RPG experience inspired by my childhood of gaming experiences.

Although my project is just circling the runway, I'm hard at work on an interesting story that branches off into different endings based on player choice, interesting gameplay elements, a ginormous pile of weapons, armor, and numerous other pieces of loot to collect, dungeons to crawl with exciting boss battles, a rich world to explore, and a myriad of side quests and characters to meet and interact with.

I don't want to get into everything right now (I'm just beginning after all, don't want to get TOO ahead of myself). But I do want to mention the part I'm most excited about, a mechanic that my game hinges upon:

Imagine a game world that functions during the day as you'd expect it, with NPCs roaming around, interacting with the player and other things around them, and going about daily activities on a timed schedule. But after the sun sets, a new world surfaces. One very similar to the other but different in structure, dark where there once was light and vice versa, not only is the world affected but every character in the game but the player is affected as well, giving every character a second personality that operates during the night for better or for worse.

The player must operate around this obstacle, such as: a building that is fully accessible in the daytime but decrepit and closed off at night, a possible friendly villager in the day who turns into a murderous criminal at night, or a happy couple by day that turn into two arch enemies during the night. This leaves the world in constant chaos, and is one of the crowning issues that the player is tasked with fixing.

This is my little idea that turned into a full fledgling of a game that is now in development for PC and possibly other platforms in the distant future.

If you have any interest at all feel free to stay connected with my page and make sure to comment any ideas that you'd like to see put into the game. Also, anyone who loves pixel art and animation, feel free to contact me if you're interesting in helping create an interesting and inviting look for the game.

PS. Multiplayer is definitely a separate mode I'd love to venture into once the single player side is at the proper place in development.

heymatt18 Creator

Some details:
For those interested in how I want the final product to look like, at the moment I'm planning on having an art style between Undertale's and Stardew Valley's pixel art. Although things could change along the way

I also plan on creating the game using Unity and Visual Studio (C#) its something that I'm the most comfortable with at the moment and is definitely a good engine to use for the 2D world that I'm thinking of.

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