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An easily-distracted anime fan who makes her own games, as if you couldn't tell...

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So, our next project in development is a magic school dating sim inspired by all the ludicrous excesses of fanfiction.net. You are a teenager just getting to grips with your magic and your hormones, and you go off to boarding school, where you attempt not to flunk out while making friends and finding a date for the school dance.

You get to design your own character in the editor with a range of styles and colors. More features can be purchased later in the game. Not sure yet just how ridiculous some of those options will get. We're also pondering how to leave it open enough that people can mod in accessories of their own...

In order to raise your skills, you'll have to attend class. You'll need those magic points to pass the tests and survive the RPG portion of the game.. about which more information will be coming later.

And, of course, there are other characters to interact with.

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Hanako Games

Hanako Games

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Creating downloadable games for PC/Mac/Linux inspired by anime and dojinsoft - particularly RPGs and visual novels.



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A developer of realistic sim games including A Little Lily Princess.


just to say I bought and downloaded your game on steam and played it through twice. I enjoyed the twists in the stories available. I wish it had only be longer, going over the three school years rather than one, and finding out the fate of your student and their love life... I would have liked as well the possibility of exploring the school and more chances of meeting people. But I don't mind it not being there as the writing was enjoyable and so were the characters. I really hope we can see 'Mary sue' in her second year. Also I think school probably should have ended in July like a normal school would rather than April. But otherwise, good stuff.

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hanako Creator

(Sorry I'm late seeing this, I don't visit this subpage often)

Your school ended in *July*?? My high school let out in May. Always. Admittedly it was at the end of May rather than the beginning, but my university semesters ended at about the beginning of May and May Day was a nice auspicious date for the magical setting.

For that matter, my school really did have a May Queen that we had to pay court to when I was young, although it wasn't at a dance, more of a school festival. Just goes to show you that one person's normal really isn't anothers! :)

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