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GreedyVox Studios is a tiny indie gaming studio created in 2013, and its very first project was a 3D procedural generated world of cubes created with JAVA.

GreedyVox in 2016 expanded with the addition of a part-time artist. GreedyVox with one engineer and one artist, working hard together for six months, creating YAARRGH! Me Matey!

And we have big plans and ideas coming in 2021, YAARRGH! Battle Island!

YAARRGH! Me Matey, A 3D procedurally generated pirate fantasy game, within a large world of islands & habitats to explore, mine, build & craft.

Being Developed for PC, Mac & Linux

Sail the endless ocean looking for treasure, explore the ocean depth for shipwrecks, mine for ores or gems, build ships or settle islands, farm crops, and tend livestock.

Beware of the dangers that come out at night or from below the waves and always keep an eye out in the skies.

We are actively working on YAARRGH! Battle Island! project with a passion to have it released for all the world to enjoy.

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Captains Log 2017

YAARRGH INDEV Promo 1 1024x576

"All hand's on deck, me Matey's, come view ye Game for me Christmas"

So for our fans we are releasing our prototype Game for anyone to try and everything in our Christmas video is from this latest build. Sign up for the Pirate Newsletter, Download the Game and Receive notification when new builds are available.

What a year its been for us at GreedyVox Indie Studios, we have enjoy our time in the making of YAARRGH! Me Matey! We have accomplished a lot, we added so many features and most importantly implemented VULKAN.

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you very much for supporting our tiny studio

YAARRGH! Is a prototype game for LINUX, WINDOWS & MAC. LINUX user will require VULKAN installed, WINDOWS requires DirectX11 and MAC requires METAL.

Recommend System Requirements:

Multi threaded Core CPU, 8 GB RAM, Medium spec Graphics Card

Please note that being a prototype build we cannot guarantee that the game will run on your system.

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