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About me: Grabeskuehle a.k.a. Wakey, in real-life Robin Pengelstorfer. Leveldesigner, Photographer, Graphics- and Texturedesigner born 1987, currently living in Graz, Austria. Looking for employment in the games industry. As a versatile, proactive person with over a decade of modding experience and having worked as IT-specialist, i earned a deep understanding of numerous game tech engines, level editing tools and graphical tools. In my free time i love to create art and go for long walks, often photographing. Tools of the trade: My cameras (Sony a5000 and Sigma dp2 Merill); GTK-Radiant and Q3map2; Hammer-Editor; Adobe Photoshop and Indesign; CrazyBump; TextureMaker; and numerous more. Skills: Game Design, Level Design, Texturesdesign; Photography, Graphicdesign, Poetry; Computer assembly and maintenance; and many more. Interests: Astro-Physics, Philosophy, Art.

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A Dark Place

Game review

For a beta on which only three people worked this is very well done.
And most of all: it IS playable!

On the plusside no gamebreaking bugs, a whole level to play and nice music.

On the downside there is filmgrain and when you run unnerving headbobbing.

I would like to see this game finished, it has potential!


The Body Changer

Game review - 1 disagree

I only played the demo, but what i saw satisfied me very much.
One must consider that it is done only by two people, and those put very much love in this game.
I like how you can switch bodies and have two use this feature to progress, there is a fair blance of action and puzzles, and i realy love those water fx :D



Engine review

World of Padman

Game review
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