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I am Mclaren, I am a big Fan of RTS gaming, and particularly the Command and Conquer, and Earth series's. I am learning a little coding, but mostly i am just great at coming up with ideas for story, and units, as well as feedback. I am currently working on the Fall of Nations mod. and Leading the Tiberium Secrets mod. check out my downloads where i have placed a small modification called Basic patch and its source code.

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Mod Idea WIP, 3 paths


i had an idea for a mod and another and more, and i think i have a good idea for something to create, a CnC3 mod mostly based on GDI and Nod, will update Scrin but Scrin is more of a mystery. keep in mind i cannot model i can only code but i am open for anyone who wants to contribute models

I say 3 paths for a reason after building a Power Plant a Player gains access to a Barracks (basing off GDI but the effects will be on all 3) the Barracks is then required to build an Armory, War factory and Airfield (the refinery does not need a barracks) building any one of those 3 will take a long while potentially around 5 mins, possibly less on the armory. the idea here is to give the player 3 options ergo 3 paths, the player can take to the skies with an airfield, produce vehicles and armor with a Warfactory, or gain access to improved infantry with the Armory (getting 1 of these i will call tier 1.5). I want players to have to work more on the early game as opposed to jumping up the tech tiers while also adding more benefits to doing so. increasing the build times on these structures will make it cost less per second, so you would also potentially have the resources to play the early game and advance at the same time. building a Command center may take an extra 5 mins (depending on how i can get it to code either it requires tier 1.5 or if i cant attach it that way it will require the barracks and take 10 mins) a tech center will take an extra 7.5 mins, and the space command Uplink again another 7.5 mins (remember those PACs and how annoying they were? now think about how long it will take for Scrin to get them based on this)

Armory and equivalents will be buffed, they may unlock more units based on the balance and the upgrades will be more potent, Composite Armor for instance will be a stronger buff to allow infantry to fight more evenly with vehicles, lower tier infantry will also get access to Power packs and Scanner packs, also a interesting note on a plan i have is to allow crossfactional upgrades, this will allow nod soldiers to take the benefit of composite armor, scanner packs, and power packs, while GDI soldiers can use Tiberium infusion and get a confessor to make sure they don't revert to GDI. if i could make the upgrades faction specific i would but dont know how, i would like to make it so if you were GDI you would get instead of confessors, officers, and instead of infusion an Tiberium field suit, that way it would fit in more storywise and the views of the factions.

Airfield will of course have to come with a greater variety of aircraft there is just no other way around that with this setup, in order for air to be a viable option there must be options in air. the Airfield will also have a major focus on support powers and especially reinforcement powers. now you might be thinkig 5 mins to build an airfield how will this work if you want more than 4 aircraft? the answer is of course the Combat support airfield, i don't know how to extract from Kane's Wrath if you could help i would enjoy several things from Kane's Wrath, in that absence i will reuse the airfield model and just remove the ability to build from it, while also making it cheaper and 30 secs to build.

Warfactory, not much more to say here its a War factory and the base version gives more than enough benefit not to mention the additions i will make to its complement. War factory will have no focus on support powers its pure vehicles and tankage

now after coming up with this i saw an issue that the harvester that i enjoy building is built from the War Factory, it would be unbalancing if you could only get the harvester from the warfactory, so the solution is simple: players can build a harvester from their Construction yard with a refinery requirement.

Harvester Mk.2: Base version Construction yard built, the idea calling it the Mk.2 is that it comes from the second Tiberium war, now a Tiberian Sun Harvester would be nice, otherwise again i will just use the base harvesters, the Harvy Mk.2 has no special abilities like the Mk.3 aka no gun, no stealth, no healing, this harvester is slower, has more armor, and a larger capacity, it has nothing to deter enemies.
Harvester Mk.3: the harvester Mk.3 has special abilities that deter harassment, these are the original CnC3 harvesters
GDI: i will modify the GDI harvester the only thing that peashooter can deter is basic infantry that don't counter the harvester, i remember the soviet harvester for RA2 could actually deter harassment and often found them to gain veterancy in the proccess, in order to bring the GDI harvester up to Par, i am increasing its range to be on par with other vehicle mounted machine guns, the original version also uses a burst fire 3 shots per burst i find allowing it to fire full auto in combination with the range increase allows it to be just as effective as the soviet harvester used to be, and can gain veterancy levels (i didn't have to monkey with veterancy to do that, it always had the ability just none of the capability).
Nod: the Nod harvester's stealth is the most effective of the 3, the enemy not seeing it means it isnt attacked, the only real change i am planning to make is allowing it to get the Emp coils upgrade and perhaps the doser blades.
Scrin: before EA patched it the Scrin harvester when destroyed would release an ion storm, i played that unpatched version a bit and i can tell you it was completely unbalanced, if you killed the harvester then the units that done it got killed in return, however the Scrin Harvester was balanced on that, i dont think the healing in Tiberium is enough so i am making modifications, first you can combine the harvester with buzzers you know the ability, i will try and make the ability more useful, in relation to the ion drive i have some ideas to work with that, the Ion drive is very powerful when damaged the harvester releases more ion energy, this increase in energy allows it to move faster instead of slower, when destroyed the harvester may also get a bigger explosion and damage nearby units, especially if it was crushed. i would also like to allow the harvester to use first the attenuated force fields and then the full force fields, depending on if i can implement them.

I will add some greater infantry differentiation.
adding more mutant units and benefits with tech structures.
GDI and Nod can unlock units, structures and upgrades with the tier 4 structre, Space uplink, Tiberium chemical plant, and signal transmitter 2.
more defenses (CnC3s are pathetic, and have several ideas for adding more)
all-round will be new infantry vehicles and aircraft, same old models new weapons and abilities.
also i plan on giving Scrin units a lot more conversion abilities like the Devourer tank.
Basic patch additions

Preliminary list of new units:
GDI Shotgun trooper (self-explanitory, may replace grenadier also throw grenades to clear garrison)
GDI Zone Guardian ( Anti-infantry zone trooper)
GDI Mortar Soldier (single soldier with mortar)
Nod Shadow Sniper (same shadow team replaces machine pistols with sniper pistols)
Nod Shadow Assassin (support power only, original machine pistol shadows)
Nod Fanatic (removing squad making 1 suicide bomber, dont think it should be a group thing)
Nod heavy trooper (heavy armored anti-vehicle same vein as Zone trooper)
Scrin archer (light AA trooper)
Scrin hunter (heavy AI trooper)
Scrin Mastermind (removing mind control that just isn't Scrin will get a new weapon)
Viceroid (any infantry that dies to Tiberium will become viceroids)
Mutant Railgunner (build from the hovel like a mutant zone trooper specific to GDI tech)
Mutant laser soldier (build from the hovel like a mutant zone trooper with lasers specific to Nod tech)
Mutant Sniper (long range sniper, build from hovel)
Mutant Spy (build from hovel main attribute stealth, use for espionage, may use EMP charges)
GDI Predator tank HE (Predator uses high explosive projectile excells at destroying large groups of infantry and structures ineffective against vehicles, does not gain Railguns)
GDI Mammoth tank HEAA (Mammoth like the predator uses HE projectiles from the main cannon replaces general purpose missiles with AA)
Nod Mantis (a Stealth tank minus stealth plus armor can build earlier cheaper faster)
Nod Avatar (moving to tier 4)
Scrin Devourer artillery (Devouerer tank tier 3 gaining attack like beam cannon)
Scrin Raid ( Corrupter based heavy AA)
GDI Guard tower (take the guard tower make it buildable)
GDI Garrison Barracks (may be multiple versions, contains a complement of garrison infantry, they cannot be controlled but like the buzzer hive will automatically move to attack enemies, has very long leash range compared to buzzer hive).
GDI Vulcan turret (take GDI AA turret allow to shoot at ground)
Nod Flame turret (strong anti-infantry turret using flamethrowers, same nod setup)
Nod Obelisk of Darkness (tier 4 AA obelisk, only attacks air, less damage higher Rof)
Nod Obelisk of Charging (take beam cannon and turn it into an obelisk, long range, do the venom bounce, charge other obelisk)
Scrin Buzzer hive (may be able to build buzzers separately also new variants include more buzzers and longer range)
Scrin Insanity generator (think halucinagenic grenades with a long range)
Scrin Growth accelerator (as in KW allow to produce credits, also stronger effect)

If i can get KW extraction:
Combat Support Airfield (no building air req airfield)
Wolverine (part of mech support reinforcements Power)
Titan (also Part of mech support reinforcements Power)
Combat engineer (engie + Pistol req Armory)
hammerhead (Airfield needs tier 2 or 3)
Confessor Cabal (nod heavy anti-infantry trooper)
Tiberium trooper (Black hand upgraded, req tib chem plant)
Voice of Kane (inspiring statue of the prophet, upon figuring out Auras i will go nuts with them)
Reckoner (mobile deployable bunker)
Redeemer Hub (needed for Avatar no plans to add epics)
Reaper-17 Growth stimulator (looks cooler than standard)
Reaper tripod (tier 4 tripod upgrade)
Shielded harvester (req WF)
ravagers (tier 1.5 infantry)
TIBERIUM SHARDS (Scrin units that devour tiberium and don't use lasers can switch to shards)
Several upgrades from KW

Models i would not mind developed (contact me if you are interested i may have requirements on the style):
any of the above KW extractions
Harvester Mk.2 aka Tiberian Sun Harvester
Devils tongue (reinforcement power only)
Nod Burrowing tank (may or may not be a tick tank up to you personally i like tiberium essence's scorpion more than the tick tank)
GDI shotgun trooper (i need the animations fixed so they can use a shotgun and throw grenades)
Mutant, Scrin units listed above (not much restraints)
Mutant Harvester (harvy built from hovel, let you have the freedom)
Mutant Bus (built from hovel, Mutants took a school bus, made a weapon out of it, turned into half track excellent APC, arms not neccesary)
Amphibious APC (as much as i can make it amphibious there arnt many situations where you can, unarmed carries 1-2 squads of infantry)
take OX model and retexture to be like Nod, take Carryall retexture like GDI, and i will consider the swap
Heavy Ox (can carry 2 vehicles or 1 mammoth tank, or MCV)
Orca Transport (airborne infantry troop transport potentially armed with machineguns on sides)
Orca Interceptor (utilizes a loadout of A2A missiles, underbelly heavy anti-infantry vulcan)
Harpy (open to suggestions)
Banshee (tier 4)
Cobra (anti-vehicle aircraft).

otherwise I am open to suggestions

and keep an eye out ;)

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