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I am an avid gamer, former wc3 skinner and general electronic music enthusiast from Ottawa, Canada. I love DOD:S (less than DOD:HL1) with a passion; same with Total Annihilation.

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Total Annihilation Mod Prep

Gnostic Blog

I am working (slowly due to University studies) towards registering a mod for TA here.
It will add some interesting units to the gameplay - some of the models for the OTA units will be upgraded or replaced in parts.
There will be new maps eventually, new tweaks and such to the game.
I am working on getting my concepts together etc etc.
If it doesn't go as far as a mod I might just release an addon.

My final goal is to replace all the original TA units and add a third race to function as a neutral source of action (offmap artillery, transport, additional map units etc)

Some additional ideas:
Regen facilities (instead of repairing all units when damaged)
More use of cloaked units
More restrictions on use of nuclear weapons to end conflicts.
Certain fixes to make gameplay more engaging.

Beta testing will help root out issues when I get most of this content into motion.