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I am the creator of (Torment), and this is the one and only place you will find the absolute best, up to date news on the incredible game (Torment). Many have never heard of this development so I will tell you that it is a super horrificly exiting new horror game with (Demons) unearthed, scorched skies, and over all end of humanity.

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Dropped Projects

Glitch_Lord Blog
Should I pick back up an older project, and start developing it again?

There has been much going on the past year, with developing Torment and ModCraft.
There have been some projects that had been started, that were eventually just dropped.
Many other projects have been developed in pieces, some have been worked on more than others.
These titles are:

Torment - In Development

Dead Man Walking - In Development

Illuminati - In Development

ModCraft: Sweet Dreams - Finishing Up

ModCraft: Trick Or Treat - In Development

Dementia - To Be Developed

Guardians And Devastators - To Be Developed

These Titles will be completed over time.

Should I pick back up these three older projects?

Crimson Tides

Untitled Slenderman Game

Untitled Creepy Pasta Game

These projects were dropped due to lack of interest or were not seen fit to be Developed.

Crimson Tides was a game where you were a treasure hunter that found a large ruby with magical properties that would send you into another world.
A world where there are two suns, plant life unlike those of Earth and an ocean of crimson water.

The Untitled Slenderman game took place in the forest as could be expected,
though if it were completed it would have had an incredible two player mode where one player would be the victim and the other would be the Slenderman.

The Untitled Creepy Pasta game was a game full of multiple Creepy Pasta characters
to avoid while you find a way of escaping these monsters.
The game featured characters such as:


Jeff The Killer

The Rake

Eyeless Jack

Jasper Dream Reaper


Ben Drowned

And maybe a few more based on certain requests.

What are your thoughts, Should I pick any of these back up?

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