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Just Call me Dhan, The Sole Creator of European Chronicle Mod Anything you need? Feel free to PM or post it below!

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9 Years in Moddb

GLATechGeneral Blog

This post marked my 9 years as a part of this site. But, I know I've been neglecting this account since last year. Tbh, I'm pretty busy with my jobs that I can't even continuing my recent mod.

But, this changed today.

I was joined Moddb when I was a Junior High Student, at first I was motivated because seeing Shockwave Mod and how they mod C&C Generals, my favourite game at that time into something more. If you ever know me in 2011-2013, you must know how dumb I was. Even having fight with another modder called Delta_6 (which unfortunately have resigned from Modding Community), We were kids back then and somehow those bickering between us lead into a bit of friendship.

I missed those days really.

Back then I was so dedicated to learn about modding that I keep updating my mod everyday, albeit with low quality contents. All those hardworks gone the first time my PC broken and to tell you the truth the first PC I used back in 2012 technically not my PC, It was My Uncle's PC. With approximately 4 GB worth of Mods files, Public models, tutorials gone because I don't have any backup medium beside 2 GB Flashdisk.

I'm giving up on modding back in 2014 and that time I'm preparing for Final Exam and looking for jobs. In 2018 I finally have my own PC, So I was trying to come back...bringing my new knowledge and hobby, I'm thinking to do a Mod based on one of my favourite strategy game "Valkyria Chronicles".

Suddenly, I got pretty busy again with my Jobs and need to put a hiatus on my mod. But, I'm assure you, whoever read my blog right now that I will definitely release this one. A lot of people on my friendlist have gone offline since then, it's also time for atleast giving something to a Community I held dear for years.

Here is a Song from Astrophysics, My Favourite Youtuber right now. El Psy Congroo.

Developer Diary #001 : A New Beginning

GLATechGeneral Blog

Every Ending is a New Beginning. Some of us thought it as a lie, some of us thought it must be true. As for me, well it's true in a case about my Mod. The Last Battlefields Mod has been taken down yesterday. Thanks for all of you who waited for almost 7 years, I'm sorry to let all of you down.

So, what now? Am i Disappointing all of you?

Wait, alright? With New Moddb Policy, now i need to upload atleast a demo version so i can publish my mod.

What Mod? A Total Conversion for C&C Generals Zero Hour.

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