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Hitting Moddb is like opening a memory book.

Gosh I miss this place. I miss the good friends I made here. All of those who actually supported me in my crazy adventures into modding. From the early days of World in Conflict to the several tries at C&C:GenZH. My endeavours at Indie Gamming with the 0ad team... all happened here and through here.

V.Metalic, n5p29, feillyne, SmasherJackson, just to mention a few of those who were once good friends. Just wanted to say hi and tell you all that I'm thankfully alive, and soon to be graduating MedSchool (next year, hopefully!).

You all were a big part of me in the past, and just hitting up moddb and seeing that you are still here makes my soul much warmer.

Well, life's been good. Almost no free time left to play games, much less to model and even less to try modding again. Now when I'm not on call, I'm reading articles, going to conferences... It's a different life. I don't regret it at all. Just miss the good 'n old days of modding.

Hopefully, we all can still be in touch,

- Gen.Kenobi out

Speed Modelling - Vise - Timelapse from Daniel Schubert on Vimeo.

Vise modelled in 20 minutes for a speed modelling contest at Blender Brasil. Since i won the contest, i decided to share it. Enjoy!
Music by: Zero-Project.net

Also, visit my Blog: Ds3d.revora.net


RIO+ - Upcomming Short Animation from Daniel Schubert on Vimeo.

RIO+ is an upcomming animation movie. It tells the history of the brave police officers of the fictional city Rio, fighting the criminals.

Stay up for updates!


Gen.Kenobi Blog 11 comments

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Hello my boys!

I'm learning Blender! And hopefully i'll take a professional course over this FREE tool.

It's amazing! And f***king hard to get start but with dedication, you will learn it! It's hotkeys make the use much more easer and rapid, also it's powerfull tools, really makes the use of AfterEffects and other third-part Proprietary Softwares unnecessary! You can do everything with Blender! Belive me!

Watch this movie completely made with Blender to see what i mean! The textures were created with GIMP:


It's amazing!

If there are any brazilians here or people who speaks and understands portuguese and wants to get started with this FREE tool, send me a PM. I have a few free video-tutorials, that you'll teach you the basics of Blender!


Gen.Kenobi Blog

Hi boys!

It's been a while since my last blog!

I'm really busy with school issues...and i've become more active at Revora.net, since I'm an admin over their Hosting & PR Department! Revora.net Visit and join us!

And i stoped a little bit with modelling... I've been learning Web Design, HTML, and soon i want to start with PHP.
I also will be messing around with Joomla, with seens to me a very powerfull CMS!

See you around!

Untill next blog,


Good news!

Gen.Kenobi Blog 2 comments

Well, i'm on vacations now and i'm gonna get more active on modding development! So you'll provably be seeign BIG GRANS and DELTA updates ;)

BUT WE NEED SKINNERS! Apply now PMing me! This is an order private!

Just saw StarTrek XI......AWESOME. Amazing movie. It worths watching. Superb music and speciall effects.

BTW GRANS is comming up again.

BTW2: My birthdays is comming and i want gifts! Dec First ;)

Hey guys, i'll go directly to the point.

I got a principle of pneumonia that can become swine flu. So i must take care of myself in the next few days (5 days). So i'll not be around here.

So orders for the mods keep progressing:

-Project Evans
-> Smasher and Ruby, you guys are in charge, untill i come back. You guys know what to do, so do it.

-GRANS Forums
-> n5p29, you're the main guy around with Admiral-165 to solve some hosting process if we have some. Also please act on the moderation. We don't want our forums becomming something spamish.

- Cyber Devs
- > I really apologyse for not setting up the forums, but i'll do it when i come back.

-Plasatic AT War - V.Metalic -> Keep with the awesome work modelling props and PMing me. I'll be checkin insidew the possible.

-RA3: SR - huhnu: Keep codding and solving the Forth problemans. When i come back i'll want both construction types coded =P

-GamesModding - I can't write articles untill i get back and be health again. Sorry.

These were necessary to apoint, because i almost died...yeah...(i flet i was dying) but God helped me and here i am.


-See you in a few days ;)


I'm so happy!!!!

Just returning to school just on 17th!!! I was suposed to already be there on 27th!!! Swine flu is teh guilt, but not so guilt =P =P =P


I'm learning skinning how you can see.


Before i forgot,

Get in here: www.grans.2ksite.com

I can't belive! Finaly winter is here., rememver i live in the south hemisfer!!!!

Vacations!!! More free time to modding!!! and playing!!!! I'm so happy!!!!

I invite all my friends to visit and join the GRANS comunity forums on www.grans.2ksite.com

GRANS - the way it's done

That's right friends!

Tomorow i'll get 1 year old here on Moddb!!! 1 year of much modding!

Post your happy birthdays for me!!! xD I do not get 1 year old just here on Moddb!

Thanks for readying this, i need to write stuff to get 300 caracters....

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