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A 10+ year PR manager & Lead writer,(As of November 2010), spanning "Tiberian Eclipse" (Co lead) and "Tiberium secrets" (Project Coordinator/ Producer), for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. A 3 year former 200+ member World of Tanks Clan, Co-founder, Staff officer (Recruitment manager), Diplomat for the "102ND Multigaming community." and co-founder of "Community Battlecast Primetime". BA: Psychology & Social Behavior, AS: General Studies Science, AA: Psychology. Fields of Interest:game studies, management,creative writing, organizational/ industrial psychology, Cyber psychology with a Personal Research focus of how people structure and interact in virtual environments. I look forward to serving my teammates and communities in learning from the past, listening to the present, and leaving a legacy for the future.

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So, I've been thinking for many years now that there should be a game design &modding; hub, with the express purpose of supporting the smaller devs be they hobbyists or indie.

A centralized resource area, linking people from all over, who are skilled and motivated in a common area. Allowing & supporting their developments.

In addition to conducting research in the fields, such as what models of payment in games are effective & ethical.

The following are brief excerpts from my design documentation that I have so far:

"0. Overview:
This organization exists as a central moding & game design community hub, regardless of project/ site affiliation, genre, or time zone. This service can be thought of as an online talent agency, hybridized with the online dating format.
-Connect game designers (all fields)& Communities together, (hobbyist or Indie) To each other on a global centralized scale.
-Foster a atmosphere of cooperation, rather than competition
-Conduct ongoing macro& micro cyber, social, organizational research.
-Apply & test above results ethically, honorably & respectfully.
-Educate individuals, teams, organizations, and communities of respective issues or processes.
-Promote and support the smaller hobbyist projects
-Retain respective team, project, site, organization sovereignty."

(I'm still working on a mission statement)

"1. Education & Research Department-Code name: The Archive
This department involves the logging of resources, educating in the respective field(s) , and further research & analysis of game design, respective individuals, communities, and model application effects.
Fields include, but not limited to: History of technology, Social psychology, Personality psychology, Organizational/ Industrial psychology, computer science, IT, Informatics, marketing"

"2. Logistics Department- Code name: The Gear Machine
This department will have the goal and provision of organizing individuals & projects into appropriate categories, and facilitate their connections.
Fields include, but not limited to: Management, I/O psychology, HR , Recruiting, Communications, Networking, Website hosting/ management/ creation, Business, Informatics, IT"

"3. News department- code name: The Spotlight
This department has the overall goal of assisting in promoting communities from an opt in basis. This specifically means creation of in game lore/ story content, such as first person perspective narratives done in audio, visual, and written formats in an effort to expand the reach of teams, mods & indie projects.
Fields include, but not limited to: Radio, TV, Youtube, Social networking, PR, Audio & Video editing, Streaming, Twitch, Creative writing, Narrative, FX, Wikis, Esports? "

I've been told I need to gauge the market for such a service, as well as develop a formal business model.

I'm in the process of fleshing out the documentation & initial feedback.

It would be a massive undertaking, and If done, I want to make sure it's done right.
Other hybrid analogies include:
-Traffic directors
-counselors/ consultants
I'd really appreciate any feedback & critical analysis on the proposal.

THREAD TITLE: Tiberium Secrets - A CnC3 modification; HELP WANTED


Greetings reader,

The Tiberium Secrets development team is looking for assistance with modifying the Command and Conquer 3 engine. (Would require owning a copy of the game.)

From 3D artists (3ds max 9 is de facto, individuals with more recent versions may not work or will have to send work to one of our members with Max 9 )), animators, coders (XML , project coordination and public Relations. All positions are open.

If you have experience with computer coding elements that can help with getting content playable in-game, have FX experience, and 3D rendering/ rigging/ animation experience among any other skills, please contact Eric "General Jist" Chou [ secretreality7@gmail.com ] with how you might be able to help.

Note: we utilize Skype (to actively communicate), Dropbox (to share files), and Google Docs (to hold documentation and collaborate on such) while working on TIberium Secrets. For additional information on the project, please see: [ Moddb.com ]

Thanks for your time,
Eric C. and Chad W.

Looking for Dedicated XML coder
Greetings, we are looking for a coder who is familiar with XML and would be willing to work with or better yet, has experience working with Command and Conquer 3 sage engine. (Would require owning a copy of the game) Someone who is able to script and manipulate existing code.
We use Skype dropbox, and google docs to share and communicate information
TIberium secrets mod project:

Thanks for your time.

The Design of The Artificial Systematic Intelligence (ASI)
(The Following is an exerpt from the Tiberium Secrets Design Draft Document)

The ASI possesses a distinctive Egyptian design, mixed with futuristic technological and mechanical styles. They heavily believe in drawing from the older human religions’ concepts of immortality and the purity of the mind.

Their aim of Ascension is through the use of technology, not Tiberium, which is where ASIM split from the Brotherhood of Nod.For all their belief in the purity of the ingenuity of man, they have transcended their biological flesh, and willingly integrated their consciousness with that of their own messiah of sorts, ASIM, their leading Artificial Intelligence.

Created by five scientists from the Black Hand, who offers immortality and hierarchal power through vast amounts of dark technology and the “cyberazation” of one’s consciousness.

Upon entering the visible world stage an enormous city-sized complex was erected in North Africa, a towering machine fortress-like monastery closed off to the outside. From it marches a sleepless army that under ASIM’s leadership does not regard Tiberium with importance for the future, but has its sights set on something far greater for mankind.

* Transformation:
This transformation must be voluntary, but once turned down, will never be offered again. There are ASI missionaries who will go and offer their deal or no deal to the populations of the world.
-Also the implications of neurons as a power source for the AI.

* Faction Represents:
The ASI represents the quest for immortality through technology (literal, physical and spiritual) as well as the implications of these technologies. Furthermore, they can embody the development and use of technology that is not fully understood by mankind, as well as how in the modern age, man has grown reliant on their technological creations.

* Theme/ Design Base:
- Egyptian; Gothic; Futuristic; Mechanical

* Important Technologies:
- Robotics/ Computer Systems
- Pulse Lasers
- Dark Matter/ Anti-Matter
- Light
- Electricity
- Nanites

* Further Faction Details:
- Terrestrial Force: High Strength, Conventional
- Aerial Force: Mid Strength, Support
- Preferred Warfare Doctrine(s): Symmetric, Ground Supremacy

Welcome Back Commander,

We are indeed working to get back in gear,
please be just a little more patient with us as we do asset and personnel inventory, once that is complete, we will have an official News update.

Future Tester status has been granted to Colers, Oaks, and Wunderkind for their efforts in keeping the hard core community alive during our hiatus of 9 months.

For the time being, I'll be coordinating all recruitment efforts, so if you have a skill and time to dedicate, please shoot me a pm.

We will review applications on an as needed basis, and experience working with C&C3 Sage engine is a huge plus, but not a requirement as of now.

Thank you all for baring with us, it may take some time to pick up the pace again, but we will return.

In modified words of salvadore Trogen of the Forgotten mod: The Future is to be invented, make sure you're the ones inventing.

Hey guys, There are a few Secrets updates that are worth noting:

1. I New ASI story released:

2. ASI Anti Structure Needed:

3. Another thing is we are looking for another 3D Artist to join the team, please pm me to discuss the specific requirements. -
-Project Coordinator of Tiberium Secrets

Hey guys, thought you guys would be interested to know that the Tiberium SSecrets forums has been reorganized:


In addition, we will likely be offering closed Beta access to all those who actively participate in fostering a creative environment.

Furthermore we will be releasing exclusive content that will not be shown outside the forums, and or will be works shown before official updates.

I will be posting the 1st official story for the ASI very soon in the "Sneak peek" section under developments.

here it is:

Thanks for your time guys,
this is General Jist, writer & PR manager

Hello world, I have a proposition...

The following is not specifically about Tiberium Secrets.

Anyways, was recently thinking of creating a gaming union/ association, where gamers and particularly game designers from artists to coders to writers, etc.from any and all gaming communities would gather and discuss their work in a volp mediated environment which fosters creativity.

This organization would have the goal of improving the standards of gaming, helping people to hone their skills, informing the community, and potentially expand to educational purposes.

The infrastructure is currently being discussed by Team speak Devs which I've suggested to them an idea for Bridge channels, which allows multiple servers to connect in a singular channel. this will make this more feasible. (All of that is contingent on them, and still TBD)

Hopefully soon the foundations will be in place and the Game design union can get organized,

Please contact me if your interested here or on Skype, (have the same name) so we can talk and work out the logistics.

The primary requirement are:
1. have a skill related to design/ organization on any level
2. be interested in learning and being creative
3. able and interested in communication, team work, and collaboration across clans/ teams/ organizations/ communities etc.

Right now I'm still testing the waters, to see who is interested, I expect ripples.
Initial responses have been positive so far. And hopefully this will translate to support when it's needed.

This organization will respect freedom and autonomy, and will render merges unnecessary.

Hope you guys will join me in channeling the gaming community in one vision and one purpose.

Well, seems I have some time to return, for those of you who've seen me lurking around moddb. Anyways, me aside, I wanted to make sure the community knew a few things:

1. We recently reopened our forums, so please feel free to contribute and discuss ideas on there.

2. A reminder that we have an email @ secretreality7@gmail.com if any of you have anything you want to send us, we have gotten a few inquiries for voice acting, which we will review when appropriate.

3. We're disbanding the Tiberian Alliance alliance group, since we don't have a manager for that, as well as the fact that we have other ways of seeking testers, which was the primary reason it was established,

4. We are completing the D51 carrier code and model, we managed to get aircraft to lift off in a runway fashion.

5. We will be stating ASI defenses and units very soon.

6. Also 2 former TE members have joined, Tiberian Fiend has joined as a coder, Nomad has joined as a contributing writer and observer

7. The iberian Eclipse Gameplay is being Reviewed for any potential salvage

Well there's just a small update on recent developments.

Hope to see you on the battlefield,
-General Jist, PR manager of Tiberium secrets

I know some of you may feel it's awfully sentimental or egotistical of me to post this, but I believe in an informed community, so here I go. I will be leaving the C&C community for an undetermined amount of time, from 3 months to 3 years, or even potentially for good.
This is due to real life engagements, which foremost are college.

Throughout my time here since 2007 I've been among this active online community, in the past I was just an offline player in the days of Tiberian sun. But All hail the Internets, may it rein be long, I've been an active member, especially after my inclusion in the mod Tiberian Eclipse, and later in Tiberium Secrets. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to serve you guys as the PR manager of both projects, and making sure your voices were heard during the aftermath of TT, and the lull afterwards. I've very much enjoyed defending the hall mark name of C&C from TT, as well as helping contribute to the Developer Area, which has now boomed. Since my passion and loyalty has always been to the Tiberium universe, I thought with this new influx of activity due to Generals 2, my absence would be minimal. I know this community has had it's ups and downs, and I know I've caused a few flurries, and yet I find it hard to say goodbye (at least for now

) I'm confident the new generation weened on Generals will find their love of C&C as I once did in Tiberian sun and Red Alert 1. (which I played as a wee lad.....)sigh... Change is hard, especially if there is no one to help it along, but the future is for those who have lived and learned from both past and present, and I hope you all here in this community are ready to face it.

There will be many things about this community and Command and Conquer I'll miss, but I rest assured you guys will appreciate it all the more. With a New year, and potential doom at the end of the year, this community needs to give it all they got, via supporting each other, mods and other C&C projects through informed and diverse discussion. Diversity is one thing I'm sure this C&C community can bring.

I know some of you are skeptical, and some of you will go meh, and some of you will dance when I'm gone, but the mere act of you reading will satisfy me. I strongly believe the internet, and a forum like this has the potential to help anyone find out what kind of person they are, you really know who you are when you talk to faceless complete strangers around the world about things hat your passionate about. From writing to brainstorming I'm sure every one of you in this community has the potential to make your self heard, I've sure heard you guys, and although I don't always like what I hear I respect it, and use it to help grow this community.

Some of you have the connections and skills to create what you imagine, and that is one of the most valuable thing of all. It's your honor and privilege to help those who also create, and I'm eternally thankful for those who have done so, and continue to do so. It's passion that drives us, be we writers, modelers, coders, or even just normal forum posters. From writer to project co lead, to PR manager, I've seen the potential of this C&C community, and as I go, I still believe It's been an honor, and though you may find it hard to believe, a pleasure talking with this community.

This is General Jist, former writer/ PR manager of Secrets mod, and, brain stormer, TT basher, and veteran C&C member, signing off.

Good night and good luck.


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