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Love indie games. They are keeping my old pc alive,allowing me to relive days of the NES and SNES, and are bringing things to the table that A - AAA titles are to scared to do. Love the innovation and will always go after indie first before buying from the big dogs.

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NEO Scavenger

Game review

Really love this game.Its lots of fun even for it being in alpha.A few problems I have with it are things like how you have to have a crafting recipe for basic things.Knowing how to make a campfire,put water purifcation tablets in water,even cook food in a pot.Lack of many sorts of wild animals for you to be able to hunt or encounter that are hostile also is a downer for me.Fights sometimes can take 20-30min (real life) sometimes to which I think is far to long for fighting to the death.

Worrying about food,getting sick,getting poisoned,certain types of injuries such as concussions,bleedings,internal bleeding,breaking a limb,etc are in the game.Freezing,getting hypothermic, and other weather related injuries are in the game.Not sure if there are full seasons in the game I have only seen rain so far.There are far more survival things in the game like leaving tracks,finding tracks and being able to cover your tracks which make it a solid survival game.

Game is still in alpha so many things are subject to change and these things I mentioned are more lil ticks I have about the game.Everything else about it I love and hope to see more content of.For a alpha game to get a score of 8/10 is a good sign for anyone wanting a survival sim.When its no longer in alpha and has fully released I am sure I would re-rate it a 10/10 as far as survival games go.


Secrets of Grindea

Early access game review

This game is the Secret of Mana/Zelda game for the PC that I have been waiting for. A lot of thought has gone into the game and a lot of love.

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