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The journey of a Piñata... game

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Hey!, catch this update rolling straight to you

I haven't updated what happened after Human Piñata was greenlit last year (before the last batch of games) so I'm here to do just that.

When I got the email notification from steam giving me instructions for the verification process as steamworks developer I was in the last moth of my temporal contract in the enterprises I used to work so it was perfect timing I had some bucks in my pocket and soon I'll have time to focus on the game.

I got a lot of feedback since the day I posted a very amateurish build of the game as part of a jam and I felt really happy that there was people finding value in my game so I wanted to deliver them a quality game with the same value they found in it plus an actual game mechanic.

This is how the game initially looked...I definitely made huge progress jajaja

This is how the game initially looked...yup, we made progress jajaja

Delivering that will need a real budget, not only my savings so I went and knocked the doors of the biggest enterprises here at my country that I thought can be interested in a video game project. Let me clarify you that video games are unknown territory here in Honduras, there are just a few enterprises trying to make games with basically no budget.

So I sent a few emails and only one TV station that was looking for "new" and "innovative" projects replied to me. I went to a meeting and they liked the idea, they told me to send them a formal proposal that they will send to the business and financial area and they will give the last word... long story short I never heard again from them. I sent and email asking if it was a yes or no because they asked me to not talk with other enterprises while negotiating with them so I wanted to know if I was free or not, never got a response to this day.

So I moved on and entered an entrepreneurship program... I love those programs jajaja they think that just telling you what to do and how to plan your business without any financial support or experience in the business you can build actual business. But there I was ignorant and with a dream presenting my game idea to banks representatives

Presentation practice at the chamber of commerce at Tegucigalpa

Not everything was bad I made some networking and ended up working for a very small enterprise so I can save some money for the project.

During this period I wasn't only asking for money here and there I was trying to develop the game, looking for that sweet fun game mechanic for the game. Look I'm psychologist and I almost finish my master degree in project management so game design was new to me and I have been learning about it in the last 2 years also coding wasn't that new but I had just write code when I was in high-school I needed a massive update on the subject so I struggled finding a way to design an actual fun game mechanic until I decided to read about it. One of the more useful books I found was "The Art of Game Design. A Book of Lenses" by Jesse Schell and there I understood that well, you learn to design games by making them jajaja not by planning how to do it so by the end of last year I gathered my savings and started investing in my game.

Promised Concept Art

Conceptual artwork made by KeidiChan for Human Piñata

So I changed the game engine to unity, I start working in very basic prototypes for the core systems of the game and then contacted an artist to help me start bringing to life those prototypes and it's where we currently are. She is working on the pre-productions visual assets while I code and implement them and we both (voluntary and involuntary) design the game.

I would love to start working with more pre-production assets from the rest of main areas like sound design and animation but as you can guess I can't because of the lack of budget.

I believe I have found the game mechanic that the game needs but I'm not quiet ready to show it (even if I showed you a bit at the beginning of the blog :P) but we are working hard on it and I'm very positive about it.

Well that should be enough for now to give you a very quick update of what happened in almost a year, there were more stuffs but if you want to read a bit of drama (like the security issue I had) look for the Game Jolt devlog for the game.

Once the fun mechanic is ready to show it and the quasi PGC systems are ready I'll (finally) create the coming soon page on Steam. If you find somehow interesting the game consider following the game at Game Jolt here: Human Piñata Devlog I would love to interact there.

Hey! thanks for taking the time to read this blog... now I should really go back coding the game instead of writing about it so bye!.

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