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Lair of the Madhat

Game review

A fun little hack'n'slash game. Not deep, but easy to pick up and play. Worth plying!


Mutant Colossus from Outer Space

Game review

Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman

Game review

Break Blocks

Game review - 2 agree

I admire the developer's good intention for giving away the game for free. The production quality is also good for an indie game. But the control is cumbersome and I don't find it fun to play.


The Kite

Game review

The Kite is rather short and a bit lacking in terms of adventure game, but the message that the author try to convey is very strong, it will hit your heart on the soft spot. The atmosphere including sounds and art styles are also perfect. I will recognise it as a great interactive story.


Dead Meets Lead

Game review may contain spoilers - 3 agree - 3 disagree

Devs, have you ever let people test this game before release? Since you guys are brave and kind enough to let me play for free, I'll give my advice for free too.

The premise and graphics are all good. Actually, that's what tempted me to download it.
But after I ran the game I found many bad stuffs such as:
- Weird main menu (design innovation? I don't think so)
- Advance tutorial that suppose to teach me how the rage effect me but I learnt nothing from it except more crazy numbers of left clicking that bored me badly.
- Gun without ammo and if I manage to find it - it's so late in a level that i don't need it any more and it can't be carried over.
- Overwhelming hoard of repetitive zombies.
- Jump ability with no benefit to use.
- Awkward control, if you want player to hit-and-run the PC needs to be lot faster.
- Traps that just appear out of nowhere and can't be destroyed.
- The way you communicate to players is equally bad. The first line I read in the News section on Main Menu is "Pirate the game? ..." (So WELCOME message :P). You also trick player into your free tester; Telling us to rate game level without asking nicely is like commanding your player. I feel used.

Well, I think you guys are capable to some level. Don't let this horrible game die. You still have chance to fix it.


DLC Quest

Game review

The game is fun for a short time. I wish more thought and puns be include into the game.


To the Moon

Game review

Compelling story with unforgettable casts.


The Mirror Lied

Game review

Strange interactive story that gave no answer but leave a hugh bag of questions to let players interpret by themselves. It's clearly not for everyone but can make a small stamp in your mind like a good short film.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Game review
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