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Steam Squad

Game review

10/10 for not putting "Epic turn based battles!" anywhere :)

9/10 for screenshots so far :)



Game review

Salvation Prophecy

Game review

Drox Operative

Game review may contain spoilers

I do love a space shooter, specially when i can fly wherever i want and whatever i want. Although by doing that i risk being killed by every faction or higher level "monsters".

I would prefer that lose conditions could be chosen to exclude the possibility of losing when all races are hostile to me, since i can make favor with them as soon as i gain enough money to bribe or attack them enemies! ^.^ But as long as you keep your eye on your relations with races and make sure you are always in ones favor, you should be alright, until another enemy race takes over your allies systems while you are in them, what a fight for your life!

Try to pump out suggestions where the developers can see them, i'd love this game to be improved with physics and more depth as they already went this far to make a semi free form, free roam, space shooter.



Game review

Mount & Blade: Warband

Game review

Amazing comparison to the mount and blade series, mount and blade now being the most inferior version. Warband shows you just what the team can improve on, especially during battlefield classic wartime. After coming to a significant level of combat, you see the effort gone into the combat, horses toppling over making you cringe from almost realistic sight. I personally cringed, a war hard... battle hardened gamer wouldn't think twice about the poor animal ^.^ But sometimes the only way to get them off the horses is to take it down with them. Other times if you are willing to take the risks and a few hits, you take them off the horses at close range melee.

The characters and genders in this version of the series has also incorporated clothes that fully grip to the character, instead of having a bulky muscle metal body on a female, now it's a bulky metal/leather suit that hugs tight to whoever wears it. Heads and bodies now match as the armors are literally worn, and not made for certain characters. Still some armors are bigger but it's natural from what they were designed for (fur barbarian armors), to be puffy and bulky in those times.

The modding capability has also been improved with more options to enable gamers/teams/developers/coders to add abilities for your own private faction to be run by your companions if you so choose. (examples of this perfection can be found in anno domini mods for warband) Some are hoping that someday they will improvise a way to bring their latest updated mod to the game through desura again.

I give this a big old 10/10 for fixes, improvements, capability additions, gender improvements with story and history as well as armor fitting.


Edge Of Space

Game review - 3 disagree

Comparing the game to darkout, i feel that the quality is roaming more to the amusing and simple factors. Complexity will pick up in future for sure, but as it is going for looks and feel, it's not overly beautiful or stunning. No real time particles, no mesh characters/enemies/allies, no mesh objects, no multiple backgrounds to give a "this is an amazing endless place" feel.

But overall i think it's still great, my rating is based on quality, the effort is in the content.


The Good Life

Game review - 2 agree

Don't vote it down because of farcry 3, farcry 3 had potential too, it just didn't have much "aftergame" material to do once you finish. This looks like a nice sandbox and to have these interactive moment side missions is great.



Game review may contain spoilers - 3 agree - 2 disagree

The game is headed and always heading in the right direction as it has content added, fixes shoved right in there, and promises fullfilled on the horizon and present.

Beautiful environment that changes at further distances up or down, left and right. I feel it doesn't deserve the "2d action packed" title though, as the environment is built on several layers, some trees and plants on the forefield, others behind those, while land is always on the characters position. Also while the character is made using mesh, which is far from any type of 2d model.

This game is worth every mini currency paid, it can only get better! ^.^
Do check the videos and screenshots carefully, each position of the character shows it's mesh as well as animated. Maybe if enough people beg, they will add several or endless idle animations. :)

Superior in singleplayer to edge of space in everyway :)

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