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Ever since I was little I always had a fascination with the unknown. I found myself going outside during the day to play in a world I made for myself. I was home schooled and I did not have any other human interaction until I was 16 other than my parents. I love to write short stories and provide my thoughts on anything that comes to my mind at first. You see, back during my school years I was always writing something and it usually stemmed from the first thing that came to my mind. I caught that fact and held onto it. Your best work usually comes out when you write about something that hits you first. It tells your brain that you have something, and you would like to work on it more.

I am 27 years old and happily married. I was born and raised in Michigan etc, I am role-player, story writer, Level Designer, and a fun person who you can talk to about anything. Feel free to contact me about your project and I will do what I can to help you write it, if you need it only.

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Over the years I've worked with stories that never made it to a publisher has left me pondering about what it means to be a story writer, what kind of work goes into those fascinating stories and books you see all over the place. But when you sit down and actually think about it, writing a story is just as hard as creating a beautiful environment for a AAA or Indie game, if not a little bit more challenging. A wise man once said, if you don't have a story there's no point in drawing and this is the absolute truth. How often do you look around in the world of Movies and Games and how repulsive the stories behind them are? Exactly, your thought process began to go off the charts. Quite frankly, there are too many movies and games that come out nowadays have horrible stories, but awesome special effects, how much is the shine worth if there is no story to support over the top content and explosions? Let alone the world and characters placed into the chosen type of entertainment media. It's not my place to bash professionals, but, sometimes I laugh at how poorly a story is written and often wonder how story writers earned the title of Professional and or Expert. I have read Indie stories that do twice as good most of the time. Now, granted, working in a professionally competitive field you are limited to the amount of time you have to perfect things. I like to think of this as conditional focus, where one delivers on each level given to them to reach certain milestones. Time is never on one's side despite the environment or skill set you grasp and hold close like it's your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

You take the time to plot everything that goes into your project, just as a driver of a big corporation plots his route to reach his destination. It's a residual circle that repeats itself until the end. The real purpose of this blog is to project my thoughts in some degree to perhaps help others in their quest in writing a good story that will not be skimmed through nor ignored.

I remember being in Elementary School and our teacher asked us to write a short story about the first thing that comes to mind. I wrote about my Dog, and how cool she was. I placed her in a story and how she pulled a person from the lake and remained with him until someone else came along to call the paramedics. Back then, I was way ahead of myself, my teacher was impressed and I passed that little assignment with flying colors. The truth is, genres have a varying difference some are harder to write for than others and limiting yourself to one specific thing shrinks down your horizons. What bigger companies, and, sometimes indies look for is a talented writer who is flexible with variation between genres. Another thing, when it comes to writing, draw your knowledge from research and see what everyone else is writing so you can include yourself. Each genre requires a different writing structure based on the pre-compiled facts you've made before you put pencil to paper and begin writing your world.

The two genres I've touched the most were Science Fiction and Horror. Although, both of these fall under the same category depending on your beliefs in these kind of things, they still have very distinctive features that make them different and they are often mixed and matched to make things like Dead Space 1. I remember writing another short story in Junior High School. It was about a couple of kids that ventured into an old Civil War camp that had been preserved throughout the years just for fun to see if they could have the experience people all over the little city were having. Things eventually escalated to the point to where they were drawn into history and trapped there forcing them to be a piece of history forever. It is simple description like this that can open up a whole bunch of different possibilities, expand your horizons and write a romance novel. There is a lot of psychology that goes into writing anything that contains interaction between characters, Romance novels are a good way to lay out human behavior for future novels because there is a deep plot that makes or breaks a friendship and or boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, or marriage. Understanding the psychology behind characters will help you formulate the psychosis for the Alien race that abducts your cow and turns it into a breeder. You do the math, by acquiring these key concepts, you can create unbelievable races with remarkable features and different behavioral personalities as well as views on how they handle a situation under pressure.

When it comes down to it, a person who works on storyboards put that explosion in the background where a group of heavily armored war machines appeared and began firing on an entire colony, defenders fought back as lasers and heavy ballistics soared over their heads and into the buildings behind them. This event did not start with a picture, it started with a story as to why this was happening on that storyboard. It was fit into the story to make it real for that event with a structured series of events that caused this forced entry to happen.

The fact of the matter is if people would just take the time to broaden the idea, work at it, improve it and improve beyond expectations will make things like this go a long way. The thought of "professionals" writing such poor stories sickens me, I know they can do better. What do you think? Please leave your thoughts below and I will respond :) thank you for taking the time to read this blog.


Hey there, welcome to DB! I'm new here too and I am also interested to see some of work with the Cry engine and UDK. :)

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