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Risk of Rain

Game review

Risk of Rain is a beautiful game suitable for any fan of the roguelike genre. With numerous unlockables and ingame achievements and rewards, there is enough to keep you going again and again. Plenty of classes provide for different playstyles, and all the different items make each run unique and different from the last. Although small, a story of the planet and its characters is present through monster/item logs, as well as each character's unique phrase upon successful completion of a run. It is a very rewarding experience. It is best played in multiplayer with friends or online, but plays just as well in singleplayer. I myself have played alone a majority of the time. There are some minor bugs (such as the Enforcer's grenade not always applying damage), but the developers are on top of things with updates since its release date. Beginners may find the game a bit difficult, but with a bit of practice and experience, the flow of the game becomes easily understandable. However, even with plenty of experience, the game retains its difficulty and edge with the help of its unique difficulty system, which increases the difficulty as time goes on. No amount of practice can save you from four spawned Parents immediately after using a Health Shrine. The game's hardest difficulty, Monsoon, provides even the most veteran of roguelike gamers a proper challenge. One thing that stands out most to me is how beautifully designed the game is. Each pixel springs with excitement, and the effects of each item, skill, and creature is absolutely excellent. I find myself constantly engaged by the beauty of each pixel. Here is a break down of the game:
-Beautiful pixel design
-Ten unlockable classes.
-Interesting, although small, story
-Numerous unlockables
-Fun in both multiplayer/singleplayer
-Challenging, with different difficulty options
-Minor bugs
-Not beginner friendly
-Substantial reliance on luck or chance
-Some may not enjoy the pixel design
-Little story


The Sparkle 2: Evo

Game review

First off, it's beautiful. The visual appeal of this game is what makes it such an addicting and entertaining game. It's reminiscent of SPORE, an evolution game created by MAXIS and EA. Although the gameplay can be rather repetitive, the choice of what you eat keeps you playing and replaying just to see the visual affects on your organism. What detracts from the value of this game is the controls. It can get rather frustrating trying to eat only one color species when you find yourself swerving in the wrong direction and end up circling your prize. It will take some time and practice to situate yourself with the movement of Sparkle, other than that it's a great game.



Game review

The game is absolutely amazing. It's fun, witty, fast and easy to pick up once you get past the initial thought that it's to challenging or hard to understand. It's a nice feeling to be a virtural hacker and being able to control everything around you (you can open your own CD tray for crying out loud). Overall the game lives up to it's rating with the amount of gameplay and entertainment that comes out of it, and best of all, it's completely free. It's like the icing on the cake...without the added mess.


Zombie Grinder

Game review

Zombie Grinder lives up to it's name, zombies being grinded, what else could you want? It provides the entertainment that lightens up a bad day with shotguns and sub-machine guns at your disposal. Plenty of maps, game modes, and items for you to choose from that keep you playing hours into the night with constant updates to brainwash you into to thinking that blood flying is a simile for unicorns and rainbows. Overall the game is a A+ hit with all the right moves and only a few bad bugs (*cough* connection *cough*). To top it off, it's free, completely, just think, you get a shotgun, a few bullets and a couple of flying heads for the price of $0, it's a steal.

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