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Thanks for supporting MechOverride ;-)

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Henley Staff

thanks for the modwatch, Beta 2.0 is coming out soon! Check back for details in a few days!

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Thanks for supporting SST:LD, much appreciated!

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Thanks for supporting SST:LD, much appreciated!

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Hello Rodas,

I got up early today to work some on the script and I think I will make a complete rehaul, keeping only the scenes I like, but abreviating them. You were right, we can't use the laws of robotics, because we don't have a legal claim to them and will get into trouble eventually.

Have you thought up a name for Rodas, or do you just want to keep calling him Rodas? Infact we could all get our Avatar names into this, so the bad antagonist (not in my script yet) could be called SinKing and so on. How many characters are we aiming for?
Rodas - Lead Character
Carlos/Myles - Supporting Character
SinKing - Antagonist (Ceo of the company)
Jimi - Rodas little brother (eventually used for the backflash)
Zoe - Rodas big love (for the backflash)
(Maybe Rodas had to decide to meet his brother and chose to spend the night with Zoe instead. Maybe Jimi died that night and Rodas banned all emotion out of his life and tried acting like a machine himself; just examples)

So this is gonna be a lot of work for me again. I can happily say that I got a contract where I have been working these past weeks and my insane working time will be reduced to four hours a day, startin' on thursday. So if I don't mange to finish what I want to do about the script today or tomorrow, you can definately expect me to get it finished on thursday.

Another good news is that I recruited a sound artist for our film project who is simply perfect for our Sci-Fi need. His name is Danny_Armstrong and you can email to jimitenderstix@hotmail.com. So counted together we got a team of four people already. And I also managed to get a reply from Psionic who contacted Wilco in my favour. I don't know if he will answer my mail,but hopefully he wil. Also one of my friends who is probably the best DJ in Hamburg (not my saying, he won the award and he is damn good) will contribute some cool Drum and Bass Tracks which totally fit into the atmo of a frenzy fight and chase. Also the music will be good when the credits roll. We don't have to take it, but its a generous offer, because he's professionally producing music and is booked from here to Shanghai.

This is all far away, i just wanted tolet you know what I did the past few weeks and I hope you agree on the necessity for those actions. After I finished the first draft we will need some plan of action and get the team organized, so everybody knows what to do. For now it will be nice enough if you PM the newbies and welcome them into the team and maybe we should think up a name for our production company. Please give the members a warm welcome and try to organize a little.

See you later, I got Skype on t'day so call beack on me anytime and share your hopes and worries. Don't let it slip away.

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