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“Exit Limbo”, the videogame where you will can fight against your inner demons using the rage, the strong and the power of an Humanized-rhino... Mr.Rhino

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Exit Limbo, fight your inner demons before they will kill you!

ExitLimbo Blog

Exit Limbo, fight your inner demons before they will kill you!

Defeat your inner demons and destroy the source of your madness.

"Exit Limbo" is a side scrolling beat 'em up game developted by "Virtual Craft Studio" and "Twisted Mirror" with Unity and inspired by arcade video games of the 80s and 90s where a 3D scenery with clasic camera angles hosts all characters and fighters in hand drawn 2D, reminiscent of the good old "Street Fighter" and "Street of Rage" series.

Meet Mr. Rhino, an antrofomorphic rhino under the heavy burden of his dark past. His daily routine is tedious, his life seems without meaning. All changes one evening, as Mr. Rhino is on his was back from work, and an unexplainable event turns his city of Modena upside down. The world becomes the projection of his own mind: the sky is dark, the buildings are in ruins and his inner demons manefest themselves in horrible forms without a souls. This is the one-in-a-lifetime chance for Mr. Rhino: at last he can set off to find the source of his troubles and destroy them. But to do so, he will have to face hordes of monstrous beings that will do anything they can to block his way.

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Mr. Rhino thus becomes the alter-ego for all who are looking for an escape from a reality they don't belong to and those who don't fit into traditional schemes.





Modena is the setting for this indie game, "Exit Limbo." The italian city famous for things like supercars Ferrari and Maserati, Lambrusco sparkling red wine, late opera singer Luciano Pavarotti and the renowned restaurant of Massimo Bottura, named the world's best by "World's 50 Best Restaurants".

The "Exit Limbo Band" is the indipendent alt-electro-rock musical ensemble that are producing the original soundtrack for the video game and whose mascot is Mr. Rhino himself.

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Site: www.exitlimbo.com

mail: virtualcraftstudio@gmail.com

Exit Limbo: Help Mr.Rhino fight against his inner demons in a Virtual Modena city

ExitLimbo Blog

Mr. Rhino existence is far from serene: An unsatisfying job, a society in which he feels marginalized, a tormented past. One evening, on his way back from work, his life is turned upside down. After an accident on the metro, a vicious zombie sheep appears before him, which marks the beginning of a spree of chaos. The city of Modena transforms into a projection of his mind, the rot of his psyche materialize into monstrous creatures that invade his city and the protagonist is left with no option but to fight.
This is how Mr.Rhino's journey begins searching for the root of his madness, the essence of his tormented existence, in the hope of overcoming the oblivion.
Exit limbo is in under development by “Virtual Craft” and inspired by celebrated beat 'em ups of the 80's/90's, in particular the “Street Fighter” and “Streets of Rage" series, reinterpreting the genre with a fresh and updated look, fruit of contemporary tools and techniques.
The soundtrack is in the hands of the “Exit Limbo Band”, a music band which is affiliated and have been inspirational to the project, giving the game their mascot, Mr. Rhino.
For more information visit : www.exitlimbo.com12928217 1593113574261138 450746

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