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I'm an indie developer making Do It For Square. And I like to eat chicken. Sometimes I do both...

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This is my first game. Yet it seems so difficult even to do a small game like this. Life has a way of messing things up on a regular basis. Progress is very slow, but hopefully things can get moving again...

Also I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel to show off various things like games I'm playing etc. Should be up in a few months. Just need to save up for some 'equipment' (if you could call it that). That's about it. If you read this thanks for reading.

Pricing a game

EdWulff Blog

This is something I have no clue about. Here's how I would approach it though:

Look at your competitors prices, and place your own game somewhere near that range. Maybe even undercut those games if you're like that (business tactics lol).

Or just make the game really cheap or free. Go for the high volume, low margin strategy. I've no idea which way I'm going to go because this is my first game but when I figure it out I will let the world know.

Being nice, game music, the internet and life...

EdWulff Blog

So after scouring the internet for a few hours I found a really cool composer. He also happens to do music for games as well. I couldn't believe my luck. Fortunately for me he wasn't working on any projects so I pretty much hired him. I emailed him saying how great his work was etc and he gave me a discount because of how nice I was. Winning!

4 tracks later and hundreds of pounds paid I'm starting to get a feel for how my game will be... hopefully. Things in games, just like a life can change in an instant.

Note to self (and the rest of the internet): Being nice can save you money!

Indie means experiment right?

EdWulff Blog 2 comments

So I was just chatting to some supposed indie expert. Won't name names but let's call him Ben. Ben's a nice name. Anyway I tell Ben about my game, what I'm trying to do. The guy shot me down. Saying I shouldn't do this, that, and the other. Can't do this because this developer didn't do it, other games haven't done it, it's risky, it's a crap idea.

I thought indie could act in their own frameworks. We can be risky as fuck if we want. There's no restrictions (apart from your own expertise of course). I don't know. Maybe I'm young an naive, and this is my first game I'm developing. But I don't feel I need to follow the formula others have taken before me.

After all if we all did that, we would all be the same ;)

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