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I am an aspiring game designer.. with a graphic design degree, and I have done some music for mods..modeling.. level design.. etc.. currently playing around with UDK, Android and XNA.

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Over all the game is very cute.. I could even see it being sold and that people would enjoy it if more gameplay/story was added to make the game longer. Not being able to save is a bummer... if this game really wanted to be better it could maybe extend how long it is and be done over in something other than flash perhaps.

The art is very nice and simple but still pretty unique even though a lot of games have been doing the nostalgic graphics thing lately. Being able to save would be great..(yes that deserves another mention) in fact i don't even really see a point to the player dying in the game.. why should he even be able to die? Seems like a weird idea.. but.. its more of an interactive little story.. player death seems kinda pointless in a game like this.

For now this is a pretty average little indie game experience.. which is not a bad thing at all.. but could be pretty great if you could save/or there is no player death.. and if possibly the game was made longer.. or if pon has another adventure to go on after this one to continue the game.. why the arrow keys!!! that is such a mistake.. wasd keys should be default for all games!

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