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Cry of Fear

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Don't get me wrong on this one, regardless of anything I might have stirred up before now, I wanted to like this mod. But you have to realize, yes, it was in development for quite a long time, I've heard 4 years, and they've obviously got talent, but they just didn't use that talent properly, to be brutally honest.

I'm not going to complain too much about the jump scares, because you DO need to throw a few at the player, if you want that horror atmosphere to mean anything. But there's such a thing as doing it a bit too much. Without giving anything specific away, there's a map where they have a jump scare and, apparently, thought it was scary enough to use it several times in that same map.

The backtracking also wouldn't be too bad, if it weren't for the fact most of the maps aren't particularly interesting or unique, and some of it just feels unnecessary. Chapter 4 in particular, without, again, being too specific, requires you to backtrack through areas you've mostly already been to, find two items, in this long process, just to open a door. You then later find a way back around to the area you used those two items in so you can retrieve them to progress to a new area.

It's also not always clear where you need to go, since, again, the maps aren't the most interesting or unique. I was stuck in one area because it turns out that there was a bus with a broken window in it that I had to climb through. I had to look this up to find out, because it's just not that clear that you had to do that.

The voice acting is also a bit detrimental, but I don't expect grade A acting out of a Half-Life mod.

I will say, the visuals are quite impressive, for the most part. They've done some very impressive things with the engine, it's just a shame the game itself isn't that good.

I could also mention it just isn't really scary, and the story isn't particularly well done, but overall, Cry of Fear is impressive as a mod, it just isn't particularly GOOD.

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