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Hi. I am Drone Locker. I make various and weird games and music. Music is mostly drone and ambient. I use my own music for OOBE and Astral Projection... and my games! I hope you will enjoy my creations.
My music is being featured by The Astronomy Wise Community.
Making games and music is my hobby, but deep inside i wish for it to succes.
I have a very twisted if not insane mind, mind which i keep locked during day, away from common people to see or expirience. I channel that twisted part of me into my games and music. They are basicly my mind and my thoughts - translated and compressed into sound waves, shapes.
I am also a father and a husband.
I perceive my fans not as fancy numbers above my avatar, but faces of real people, and the thing i value much more then amount of sub's and views is feedback and comments which i always lust for. Please give my creations a try, and share your opinion (regardless will it be negative or possitive).
Let us met at the crossroad of rust and moss.

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Frontpage on Newgrounds, 5 Lets Play videos and counting, 7th out of 25000 games in ranking at IndieDB. Dozens of reviews and private messages... I don't know what to say guys. I am really trying to figure out how can I express my gratitude. Describe it so you will FEEL it inside you. Words are not enough. You are the best, and I f*****g love you all. Never in my whole life, I felt like now. Never did I recived so much feedback and support. Because, as I've mentioned here and there - Antumbra... is not a game. Its me. Myself. Weaved into sounds, graphics and motion. And when the game recives so much love, this love streams directly to me. Making me all fuzzy and warm inside. And this is something, because you know - I am an odd ball. And the only thing I know is rejection. Yet here I am. And here are you. And you do not reject me, you don't push me back.
And my hands are shaking, and my eyes are wet. And I sit here, in my chair and speechless I stare at the screen. Not knowing what to say, because... "Words are just not enough".
I salute you.

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Thank you for your awesome but extremely frustrating game. Can't wait for Antumbra 2. Is there a walkthrough for the achievements? I have 21 out of 25. The last 4 I can't figure out and it's driving me crazy.

Thanks again,

A fan

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