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What if in making a fighting game nothing was lost in translation? What if the martial artist and the game developer were all in the same head? What if you could do a matrix-style download of 35 years of fighting everything from kung fu to jujitsu?

You get Future Fighter (TM). This sci-fi fighting game puts you in control of amazing characters with battle-tested techniques paired with resonantly envisioned future-tech. When you play Future Fighter (TM), you face the mind of a martial artist.

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IGM - Indie Game Marketing

IGM - Indie Game Marketing

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IGM focuses on the how to's of branding, marketing and selling your game.

Doc Brock Games

Doc Brock Games

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DBG is a video game company created by Brock J. Oliverio MD to combine three things he loves the most: science fiction, martial arts, and video games...

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Pushing my audio latency as low as it can go. #scifi #fighting #game #screenshotsunday #martialarts #indiedevT.co

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Pushing my audio latency as low as it can go. #scifi #fighting #game #soundtrack #martialarts #indiedev #gamedevT.co

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RT @docbrockgames: @AndreaDProjects Turns out that adjusting the properties of one instance of a particle affects all other instances… T.co

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