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Hi this is Frostreaper lead developer for Ark of Nephilim and Co-CEO of Dark Form Entertainment.

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New year

DFE Blog

This year has been one of the most productive years this
small independent company has had in a very long time. It has also
been the most nerve racking. It is hard for a small company to handle the many
hard challenges there are in the game development industry. It is also hard to
release a product the company does have, to the world. Dark Form has gone
through many trial and errors but our experience not just as a
company, but as each individual person keeps on growing. This year we
have been able to release something that has been worked on for years, even
with using an already made engine. We never foresaw complications
with some of the products we used. We had to learn how to compromise and make
changes if we were to survive. Dark Form since the very beginning has always
had a strong passion for game development. We intend to keep on
developing games as it’s our passion.

This year we have released Desolation: Earth beta 3.4 the last
beta to be released before launch. We will never know the future of this game;
it all depends on the community here, our forums or elsewhere like all games.
As any company should, we will be taking in advice from not just a fan base,
but from other developers on how to improve our games. This new year expect a
lot of great things coming your way!

Finally, if we were to give any new company advice, it would be
this: Patience, we all want to create a game in days and hope it will be the
next biggest hit, unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Be patient and
strategize. Build up a team, talk amongst each other and never keep an idea locked
up. Learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses as if they were you own. From
there decide what you want to do, which genre of game, which engine you will
use who will be the project manager and make sure things get done. We end this
blog with that. Have a happy new year everyone!

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Dark Form is a small, independent game design company formed in early 2008. With only a small group of people who knew how to work with a computer, and...

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