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Some people call me a SPESS MEHREEN.

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Ya think this is funny, do ya?

DeKarbon Blog

I think you should.
Don't even know why I'm doing this as no one reads these things, so bleh.
Herd about a knew AC coming out sometime mebbe this year. Don't know really. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, with an all new multiplayer mode. Can't wait to school some bitches with my superior free-running skills. Or Parkour for you Europeans. Or whatever.
Not really all that into Halo REACH. Sure, it's got space battles. But so did BattelFront 2. That game was awesome. Mainly because the individual player's didn't have shields. I wonder if you'll be able to destroy Covie frigates like you could with whichever faction you were fighting in BF2.

BattleField 2 is an awesome game. So is 2142. Can't vouch for any other games in the BattleField series as I haven't played them, except for a very laggy session of 1942 demo where I actually made a knife kill somehow. It was hilarious. And the extreme lag I found out was my own fault cuz I forgot to pause a download that I was downloading. Yeah.
Call of Duty 4 is awesome. Been playing that since the Christmas after it came out. I had actually reached the rank of 55 before, then my computer had an affair with another man. And my step-dad had to format the drive and reinstall Vista. Yeah. And what really sealed that deal with the devil was the fact that I had been inconsiderate and accidentally scratched the shit out of my disc beforehand. COuldn't reinstall, didn't have my good old FuckNuggets profile. srs. It hurt me. Then a did something I shouldn't have done, but bleh, I don't care, I already owned the game, so I had a legit Key. torrented an ISO of CoD4. So far it's been workin great. All except for another snaffu with BF2142 that spread to all games that use PunkBuster as there 'anti-cheat/hax' program. I'll tell you about this in another blogthingy.

I hate PB.

So far I'm describing every game I like that I didn't describe in the first faggoty as blog. Like the first Assassin's Creed. haven't finished it yet, haven't even played halfway through it. But I've found about 8 or so flags in the 'homebase' for assassins. I could be an assassin. I find it funny how that is spelled with two asses. If you be reading this, tell me some funny words that are spelled weird. And happy hump-day. *HUMP*

Daily sermon(Not really):
Let the light of the Emperor guide your path. He shall protect you and keep you from harm, so long as your faith is strong!

Assassin's Creed 2

DeKarbon Blog

Just finished playing through the storyline. Mine Gott, that was amazing.


At the end, when in the vault, I thought it was amazing how the One Who Came Before said Desmond. And, for some reason, I feel sorry for Ezio about how he was just a portal for the message. I just wish someone had explained to him, somehow, what exactly was going on.
And Desmond's reply was the best ever: "What the fuck?"
Also because of that game, I now have a gamerscore of over 2300, 2355 to be exact. Seriously, that game gave me 800 gscore just from a single playthrough. No other game has done that for me, so I will put AC2 up on its pedestal and thank it every day.

Nothing else to say, other than FOR THE EMPEROR!!

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