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Ive been busy this week finalizing Orange Moon campaign for Kickstarter and before it goes live, decided to share some features of the game in the blog.

Three weapons are available from the first level of the game. All three of them can be used simultaneously. That means, they don't have to be switched to use. These are machine gun, flamethrower and grenade launcher.

Each weapon in the game, ammunition and equipment can be upgraded from upgrade screen any time during the game.


Machine gun is a universal weapon that uses .308 ammo, but does little damage to certain enemies unless upgraded.


Flamethrower is good for dealing with organic lifeforms and pretty useful as a shielding from the swarms of enemies.


Grenade launcher does a lot of damage, very efficient against armored enemies, but requires experience to use, the ammunition is scarce and heavy to carry.

Shotgun, powerful at close to medium range against groups of enemies, can be unlocked with the in game resource - Moon Resources Corp. points (MRC points). It also can be used to break through the weakened structures.


Three more weapons will be available to unlock with resource points in game - hand cannon, minigun and rocket launcher.

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