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Datavore Game Studio is based in Eugene, Oregon. Corvus Hermeticum is our first product, a high-def metroidvania with horror and occult themes. Staff: David Campbell - programmer, Stephan Maich - Artist, Autumn Alexander - Audio

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Hi. My name is Stephan Maich of Datavore Game Studio.

We have been working on our first joint video game project called Corvus Hermeticum. It is a metroidvania with heavy focus on a robust brawler/melee combat system. The game is set across a series of occult and horror-themed netherworlds in a hermetic magical theory-derived "magician's journey" storyline. The aesthetic of the game blends hand-drawn sprite sequences, vector artwork, 3d elements and eerie music and atmospheric sounds.

At the moment, our initial release is planned for PC/Mac/Linux, but Playstation and Xbox formats are possible to follow, depending on the success of our funding drives. We will be starting a Steam Greenlight campaign as well.

We have spent a lot of time working on the brawler combat aspects of the game. We are aiming for CH to offer a satisfying ass-kicking experience with the ability to level into play-style specific custom character builds and full range of attacks.

Equip-able items and a stat-based progression system aside, we are including a number of RPG elements and have what we hope is an interestingly layered linear/cyclical plot progression. A casual gamer or fast-paced action-junkie can play with minimal dialog -being told in an old-school-style one-liner "the wizard is in the next castle". A completionist or story-driven game aficionado can get the full effect, metaphor-heavy wordplay, hermetic philosophical dissertations and a more literary plot delivery supported by e-reams of text and interactable/readable objects in-world which unlock additional information, achievements and secrets.

This project is a labor of love in every sense of the word. The game has been in heavy development for the last year and part-time for another 2.5 longer. We love the Castlevania series like nobody's business. Symphony of the Night started out as a kind of template/touchstone for us. We only hope we can live up to its high standards.

Datavore Game Studio at Facebook hosts a series of screenshots, links to our videos and dev updates. We will also be doing a series of how-to videos for artists, Unity users and animators.

A playable demo of a small pre-alpha version of the first game world will be available very soon.
Check here in the next couple weeks or our facebook for a link.

Cheers! ~the Management.
Email Datavore Game Studio - datavoregamestudio@gmail.com
Datavore Game Studio at Facebook
Youtube channel: Youtube.com
Stephan Maich (artist/designer) - sketchbookofdoom@gmail.com
David Campbell (programmer/designer) - machine777@gmail.com
Autumn Alexander (audio/music) -

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Datavore Game Studio

Datavore Game Studio

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Corvus Hermeticum is an HD indie metroidvania with brawler-style combat that takes place in occult/horror-themed netherworlds.

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