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I am a hobbyist no-life who likes to make textures, 3D models, and game worlds. I don't play many games these days.

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Iusecomputer @ Chicken Fortress 3

Playing this is so surreal. Definitely worth a watch. I hope more servers appear!

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Iusecomputer @ Brutal Half-Life - beta 1

Anyone have a quick installation guide? I entered the correct path in the installer (so "bhl" is in "Half-Life") but nothing has changed.


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Iusecomputer @ Lol O_o XD =D =P

Towering infurno.

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Iusecomputer @ Share and Mod

Just added a some 2048² grass textures to the addons section. I hope to add many more in the future!

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Iusecomputer @ gausgun

That's some nice parallax mapping there.

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Iusecomputer @ Cat lovers

4 Speckled Tabbies chewing on my wires.
One more litter and I'll have an army.

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Iusecomputer @ So what's your situation?

Piece Of Cake - Derek Robinson (hardcover)
12 Inches
Left eye socket
07% survival chance.

Why do bad things always happen when I'm around books?

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I am very interested in this. I understand large-scale Fallout mods often take a lot of time, but any progress images would not go unappreciated. ;)

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Iusecomputer @ 3D model in PROPPER "hammer sdk"

These are great models! I just happened to be in the middle of my own written/video tutorial that documents how to use this addon from start to finish. That includes making and applying the texture.

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Iusecomputer @ I'll play any pirate related game I can get my hands on

If you have a Source Engine game on Steam and want to be a pirate from first-person perspective, give Pirates, Vikings, And Knights II a try. It's very chaotic but team-play is key.

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Iusecomputer @ Realistic Water Splash Effect

Refraction is done so effectively and inexpensively in the Source Engine. I'm glad to see it becoming standard with water and glass textures. You have pulled this off nicely. Have you considered doing the same with the Airboat wake effects? It wouldn't be overlooked as a Garry's Mod addon, since third-person airboating is an every day thing for many Gmodders.

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Iusecomputer @ trolled like a baws !

How people manage to find this garbage funny is beyond me.

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Iusecomputer @ Customizable

It's hard to find story-driven games that offer options for what the game looks like. Very good idea! I'll be playing with everything on and maxed out ;)

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Iusecomputer @ My Diary - Bonus

For someone with SIX (Count em', SIX) mental problems, this is about as deep as a rain puddle in the Sahara.

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Iusecomputer @ RedFog

The illusion of mental problems are part of the "14 year old gamer" package. I know when I was 14 and posted blogs about gaming on to the internet, everyone there said I had some sort of cranial deficiency. ;)

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Iusecomputer @ Mirror's Edge Images

Not only did this game have a beautiful art style, it also had some incredibly believable architecture and lighting in many places.

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Iusecomputer @ Ninja Names

Arichikurukuto Lukutata-Fukutataku.

How embarrassing.

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Iusecomputer @ Rebel leader

Rebel leader, confirmed for Twisted Metal.

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Iusecomputer @ mp_fnrp_sona

That was an incredibly juvenile response. Rocco provided critique, recognized that it was harsh, and apologized for that. Rocco even elaborated on his comment, and you shot him down there too. If you don't like that comment, learn to type reviews and write one better. But no, if the modding world was like that, there would barely be any reviews or critique ever since not everyone is a mapper.

I agree with Rocco, this map is very lacking in necessary detail. And I'll end that review there, since apparently never releasing a map for CoD4 makes me someone who nobody deserves to talk to. :)

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Iusecomputer @ Panorama of the city[work in progress]

Looks nice, It is not lacking any particular details. I am glad to see a dense city that's not constructed entirely out of the default skybox building props.

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Iusecomputer @ Portal gun with models

Did you make this? If not, then who did and where was it originally uploaded? Your credits section appears to be filled with what looks like a one-line caption for the addon.

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Iusecomputer @ Cry of Fear


Now I am no expert on GoldSource, but would not have enabling cheats and godmode been easier than typing a 12 line stack of vulgar and rage on to the internet?

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Iusecomputer @ Runescape

I've spent over 85 days in Runescape, starting December 9th, 2005; ending mid-autumn 2010. Last 3 of those years were as a member.

I agree with everything you have written. I had just logged in for the first time in 6 months yesterday, and I was presented with promotions and marketing schemes before the game even loaded. I played around for a while, but didn't enjoy any of it. The world was cramped with what looked like minigames and quest-related areas, and I saw absolutely no improvements. I was told to upgrade my account at every corner I turned.

I noticed the Runescape Website has adopted many characteristics that can be found in most other P2P MMORPGs, such as a sign-up splash screen, Members-only website community features, and purchasable game cards that offer greater benefits for those who spend more. This leads me to believe that Jagex is trying to make the game more like most other RPGs: Cluttered, complex, money-devouring, and and "free-to-play, pay-to-win".

Of course, change isn't necessarily a bad thing. In a world with such a small scale, things would definitely start to get repetitive. But with the type of updates I've seen so far, it loos like Jagex isn't trying to improve the world for those who have already explored it; they're trying to lure in a whole new set of adventurers with special offers and promotions.

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Iusecomputer @ Counter Strike 1.6 Ultra HD Edition

Compilation mods like these almost always fail, for many reasons. I believe that I know some of these reasons.

For starters, changing weapon models to represent weapons of a different name, variation, or manufacturer would sacrifice informational consistency throughout the game (E.G If you were to change the M4A1 model to that of a G36, the game's buy menu, console, and .CTX data would still display the weapon as an M4A1) If you were to have a replacement model featuring a silencer, extra steps (such as making alterations to the game's sounds and sound-related scripts) would need to be taken in order for the visual and audio categories of the game to be on-par.

Secondly, the models lack consistency of quality between themselves. If one weapon model was created by someone with a high level of experience in 3D modeling, and another model was created by someone with considerably less experience, the visual characteristics of the model that would be directly affected by someone's level of experience (Poly count, texture detail, scaling) would become incredibly apparent when switching between these weapons in the game. Some models featured are clipping with the near-sight plane (AUG), others appear stretched beyond logical proportions (P228).

Thirdly, as previously stated in some of your screenshots' comments sections, adding extra geometry to models will often end up in a situation wherein that model will be occupying more screenspace, resulting in lower visibility. The Counter-Strike developers recognized how important it was to have viewmodels that were not obstructive to a player's frontal line of sight, ergo they were placed towards the very bottom of the screen, only hiding the floor and close-up walls.

I suggest that you reconsider some of you model choices to ones that are more suited for a real-world universe based action competitive shooter, and make sure that you have permission to release them as a pack from the original authors of those models.

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Iusecomputer @ Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

So, COD: BA2 trailer first impressions. A gravelly voiced man talking about how war has changed. Or has it?
Same cinematics and animations that can be found in their other games.
Same art style, complete with Hollywood-style lighting and effects.
A setting that has been done before, multiple times, by other developers.
The same release date: On the dawn of the holiday season.
I'm sure it will sound and play the same too.
I am sure nothing will be changed by the release date.

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Iusecomputer @ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I would like to list some observations, and interesting features that I have gradually learned about during my playtime in the beta.

- There is shadow mapping, which doesn't replace Lightmapping, but works with it.
- Viewmodel Weapon origins can be configured in real-time via the console.
- Classic maps are more balanced
- If incapacitated, you can take control of a bot on your team.
- There are far less interactive physics props in maps.
- Some maps have nearly identical geometry to Left 4 Dead 2.
- Player Logo Spraying is currently not implemented.
- Earning achievements will award you with permanent medals.
- Earning MVP stars will increase your Rank.

~ I have earned every single medal
~ I have played over 77 hours of this game
~ I am better than you at this game
~ I need some sleep

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Iusecomputer @ Reborn:X

Yes, it's a radio tower. I took that photo last December. I needed to add a bit of sunshine to my profile. ;)

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Iusecomputer @ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Key Contest

My eyesight, my friends, my family loving,
surrendered to this pitiful program.
New installation suddenly arises,
new maps, modes, full of surprises.
How well will it play, how good will it be?
The answers lie within the beta key.

While 1400 hours may not seem too long, they feel like a lifetime when you spent most of them flying through Office's hallways as a spectator, eager to respawn and try out that Can't-fail play strategy you formulated just after you got AWPed out of back window. I've always been amazed at how I have the patience to sit there, dead, just staring at paintings and vending machines for up to five minutes, but when the time comes to grab a gun and get real, I become lead runner in a footrace to see who can run open handed in to the opposing team's spawn and die the soonest.

I've had my share of lucky M249 headshots and blind knife kills, but I want to try a new strategy. I want to start over from square one. I want to play a new COunter-Strike.

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Iusecomputer @ CS:GO Beta key give-away.

Man, I'd kill for a key. Hell I'd teamkill for a key.

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Iusecomputer @ Your aims in 2012

CS:GO comes out this year.
This year is game time.

I might raise a project with Actionscript 3, as i'm familiar with Flash's interface and i've been studying AS3 for some time now.

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