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Indie Dev living in LA. Working on my next release. I am also the host of Diver-cast, a podcast run by the guys from Deep Digital Design.

You can follow me on Twitter @Dannylv100.

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As of recently I have decided to finally purchase a domain so I can host all of my content on a single site. All future Divercast and Indie Arcade episodes will be posted on dannylv100.com.

Divercast will still be posted to indiedb, but if you want to be up to date with everything I am doing, it would be best to follow me on twitter for periodic updates.

On top of Indie Arcade and Divercast I am now streaming level design on Twitch. The schedule isn't set in stone yet and currently I am doing some level design inside of the Forge editor for Halo 5. I am recreating The Longest Yard from Quake III Arena.

And that is all for this update! Thanks for reading!

- Danny Q

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Deep Digital Design

Deep Digital Design

4 members Developer & Publisher

Group of closely-knit Indie Game Developers in Los Angeles. We currently have 1 shipped title: Freeze-E Frosty's. Check it out here, on IndieDB and itch.io...

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