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Indiestudio developing games in Cologne, Germany
First game 'Soulforge'is going to be released this Summer

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screen 1666x957 2018 09 16 11 40

Hey there and thank you for showing up on our new Dev Blog!

This time we want to show you the whole workflow of designing a new level. Some of you are already following us on our social media channels and did see it before. We uploaded every step live and you were able to follow everything in our story and on twitter. Here's now the summary in detail.

The Picture above was the first one, only the terrain for our battlefield - if you're interested what it changed to read on!

screen 1666x957 2018 09 16 13 36

At first step we added vegetation, some first weather effects and basic light effects. As you can see simply light changing effects are turning the whole level into a much prettier place.

screen 1666x957 2018 09 16 14 22

Secondly we added some environment details like grass and moss. Also we added first level details and objects, flickering fire and more light details. We're working with tesselation for a long time now and so in this step we also added tesselation. The environment acts more tangible and everything looks a little more realistic.

screen 1666x957 2018 09 16 16 06

As third step we added a new skybox for a better ambient lighting and fixed the weather effects. As you can see there are several more level objects and vegetation details for a more lifelike scene.

screen 1666x957 2018 09 16 17 56

In step four we added some first gameplay elements and final level details. We also optimized the shader and adjusted the fog.

screen 1666x957 2018 09 16 22 32

Fifthly we added the refelction probes in the scene and fixed the level layout. It influences the path you go on the battlefield for an optimized gameplay experience. As little special we added some walkable ruins which are waiting for explorers.

screen 1666x957 2018 09 17 15 24

The sixth step started on day two. We finished the level layout and blended the level borders into overall scene look. Then we started polishing the scene.

screen 1666x957 2018 09 17 17 20

Next to last we added wildlife NPCs and spawn zones for enemies - and also enemies. We did also add some ambience audio and sound effects.

screen 1666x957 2018 09 17 17 43

Last step! We finished the polishing and added our player character. We also added interactive game objects and some story related spots on the battlefield. Now the level is finished and the picture above is a current in-game screenshot.

Hope you're curious about the new level and thank you for reading!

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