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// Welcome to my profile! I am a Spanish mapper of Source games like Half-Life 2 or Episode 2 and I am also a beta tester of this kind of games. Thanks for your visit! // Current mods and games: Acme Annhilation and Mutant Run.

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Acme Annhilation - Half-Life 2 Modification

CuervoSp Blog

Here it is ACME ANNIHILATION Where the toons are unleashed in
various maps, with an array of heavy weapons...

Hello this blog is for another mod called "Acme Annhilation" and which have a new update. You can see that update in this page:


And the new content video in this:


Thanks for watching and track it if you want =)

The Fore-Works Team

FoReWoRd: Mod-Director, 2D Artist

Killi101 : Mod-Founder, Modeller, Mapper

SnK: Lead Mapper

DJvishous: Music/Sound Design

Silence - Half-Life 2: Ep2 Modification

CuervoSp Blog

Silence is a Half-Life 2: Ep2 modification and also my new mod.

This mod is based in a simple horror story made by "CrowSp2" (in moddb) which will be remaked and with few changes in the original story.

You can see more information in the moddb page:


Thanks for watching.

New mod - Silence?

CuervoSp Blog

Hello, how are you?

Well, I post this to talk about my new source project, its something like an horror mod but without any monsters, npc's, friends... or maybe not. Well, I don't know if I will continue with "Silence" or make a new one so you will see it in few days.

Please visit it, follow it and thanks for reading...


Quantum Shift

CuervoSp Blog

Quantum Shift is an Episode Two modification originally designed when Half Life 2 came out and based in the original Half-Life game.

In the mod you are James Faith, an agent that belongs to the exploration team sent to Xen. When you are going to enter in the borderworld something goes wrong: the aliens invade Black Mesa.

Your mission: Find the Epsylon Complex and help the scientists to finish the disaster.

Visit this mod in:


Console commands

CuervoSp Blog

Impulse 200 (To quit the weapons in the screen)
cl_drawhud 0 (To quit the HUD)
crosshair 0 (To quit the crosshair)

sv_cheats 1 (To start cheats)
impulse 101 (All weapons and money)
give weapon_name (To give you a weapon)
give item_name - give item_ammo_name (To give you ammo or items)
prop_physcics_create "name" (To create a physcics prop ingame)

rate 25000 (Correct rates 25000 in some servers -MULTIPLAYER-)
cl_cmdrate 66 - 100 (Correct rates 66 or 100 in some servers -MULTIPLAYER-)
cl_updaterate 66 - 100 (Correct rates 66 or 100 in some servers -MULTIPLAYER-)

map mapname (To start in one map)
(In server) changelevel mapname (To change to other map ingame)

kill (Suicide)
help (Show more commands in console)
net_graph 1 (Show fps and more)
cl_showfps 1 (Show fps)



CuervoSp Blog

Silence is a Half-Life 2 episode two modification.

If you want to see it visit: Moddb.com


CuervoSp Blog

Presence is a Half-Life 2: Episode two modification focusing on paranormal phenomena.
If you like this mod you can see more images, videos and other information in:



CuervoSp Blog
Hello and welcome to my profile of this fantastic page.
I am here to make my own mod and to see all the mods
of diferents games like Counter-Strike, Half-Life and
some games like that.

I am from Spain and I am fiften years old, I cant speak
English very well sorry.

Well, thanks for visit my profile and good luck with
your proyect!

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