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The creation of Hell's Kitchen

Ctrl-Alt-Elite Blog

Hell's Kitchen is a new project of mine. The maps on Halo-Reach are mainly ONI oriented. so i thought i would bring back an old favourite- Zanzibar.

it is not a new idea, and i am starting to contemplate whether it is possible to make.
Hell's kitchen's layout will be near-identical to Last Resort, but with the seawall made larger and the beach extended further along towards the camp froman end.
updates soon

Whats up with the grunts on Reach!?

Ctrl-Alt-Elite Blog

NOW, yesterday i was playin Gruntpocalypse on legendary with 2 friends. i was the covies and the other two were the unsc.
These frucking grunts come up behind me and try to throw grenades at my friends, INSTEAD: THEY THROW THEM AT A DOORFRAME AND STICK THEMSELVES!?!? oh my, how useless they truly are.
and then, one of them fuelrod-toting grunts decides "oh, i think im gonna try to fire at the enemy from behind this glass fence!" BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMpopajacks.. there goes another life from the covenant life pool. (i was infront of the fence the grunt was shooting at, the blast transferred to me and i died) FOR JA LOVE OF WEED MAN, theres a grunt, an elite, 3 brutes, and some hunters left for my friends to kill. the grunt decides to get up ontop of a crate and fire his plasma launcher at the same time... he tries to commando- roll away from the plasma launchers's shot, but the shot has already stuck him with 3 plasmas. he rolls INTO ME AND THE OTHER ELITE, THE BRUTES TRY TO GET OUTTA THE WAY BUT THE HUNTERS ARE IN THE WAY AND IM STUCK IN THE MIDDELE OF THE FIREWORKS.
mee no like the grunts now... FOOD NIPPLE FTW

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