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Creative Director at CM Softworks, an independent game development company.

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Hello everybody,

We would like to start this week with an announcement of the upcoming changes, updates and features.

As many of you voiced it, Single Player (SP) is a very important part of the gameplay element for the community and many players have expressed their concerns regarding the upcoming Multiplayer (MP) features, and how they would effect the game structure, but most specifically the SP. We would like to let everybody know that the based on your requests, decision was made to keep the SP game mode separate from the MP, it will not require players to have internet connection or have them logging in to our servers. It will be a completely independent game mode.

Does it mean that the SP and MP game modes will be entirely different? Yes and no, the MP part of the game will have several game modes that are specifically designed for MP, such as PvE - Co-op modes with special missions where players will be joining teams and completing objectives for example, or scavenging a highly dangerous sites or locations. PvP modes where players will be able to join their friends in FFA, TDM, and Objectives based matches on designated maps in different environments. And of course the Free Roam mode with an large open world map to explore, that comes with a lot of features we are not going to discuss in this announcement yet.

And here are more very exciting news. The roadmap for the first half of 2016 will include Weekly Updates that will be targeting the pressing issues and new content, such as new sites, new enemy types and more. Please keep in mind that we are running the Feedback and Ideas event system, and if you haven't participated yet, please feel free to follow the link below:


And vote for the features you would like to see in the game, or pitch your ideas to us.

The initial Multiplayer mode addition to the game is estimated to be released in our first major update, scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2016.
We will be constantly posting excited news updates on the development down the road.

Thank you.

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