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Hmmmmmm FSO

Colonel_Dekker Blog

Just idly thinking back to the 90's when i picked up my first copy of Freespace the great war. I can't help thinking how great the graphics were at the time. When FS2 cam out in 99, boy......My mind melted, re-formed, the EXPLODED. Even FRED2 looked better than FS1 did.

Now FSO has added normal maps, particles, improved hardware support, upped ship, weapon, variable and other limits. crazy new SEXP's and script support which improve gameplay tenfold (my personal faves are the cutscene cams and autopilot transition\ not to mention the FSU team who work alongside the coders to provide HTL models and effects which enrich the whole retail experience and all subsequent user-made campaigns.

Colonol Dekker says thank you hard-light.net and all your content

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