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Where I go does not matter, what I do there does.<br /><br />Part of the groups Весь мир, Торговая площадка™, ☻ Search for Friends, ✖ Как убить зомби?, Naruto, - IGG Gaming -,=Unreal= Servers (=USE=), >>Playboy<< Custom Servers, After School Tea Time, Alien Swarm, AnimaTion Mania Community, Anime Girls Of Gaming, Anime Skins Group, ArchAlliance, Area 101, bloody pigeons, Cimmarian, CoolGamerz, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FRANCOPHONE, Crysis 2, Crysis 3 [The fan - club], CauseWeLoveFreeStuff, D22 Zone, Dangerously Innocent, Degree-Gaming.com, Dodge Ball Maniacs, Emperor of Fruition, Fun Streams, games_store, Gatherix's Weekly Game Giveaways, Go Away's Trading Group, Group GATOR, Group Ho-kago Tea Time, Haruhichan, Holiday Sale Community Group, I WRESTLE WITH MANLY CREATURE SUCH AS HYDRAS AND BEARS, Idling Trollerz, Indie Game Bundles, InternetFreaks, I_Headsetter's Raffle Group, Just another random group for guys who want free stuff, Left 4 Live, Left4Teamfortress 2, LowLagFrag, Manga-Anime, MOBERS.ORG, Modern Warfare 3 Must Have Dedicated Servers!!!, My Favourite Anime, Naruto Fanclub, NoobTube Server, OH MY GAD IT'S DUH ASIAN, Painis Cupkake, People who like games, Pisia Kakashkin, PlayBrink, Pootis World, Portugal FuN MapS, Premium/Cracked #1 Minecraft Server Oddyssey SurvivalRP, Rockstar Games, Role'n Race, S.Gifts, S.Signature, Saxton Hell, Screenshot-Feature, Serious Pants Gaming, Skial, Snipe Your Pootis, Source Underground, Stromble!, T.o.M's F.A.Gz, Team Fortress 2, Tech Jawa, TF2 Freezetag, TFDodgeball by e-Club, The Holy Democratic Federal Republic of Falleentium, The national League Of Trolls, The Weekdayz Community, TheFinisher, TradeCenter, Tsundere, UBCS Special Team, Vertical Rise, Yatterman + poXyz' 24 hour CSGO Charity Stream, [H2K] Gaming, [R.I.O.T] Servers and {TPG} as of 22 June 2012.

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