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I'm a pretty relaxed guy who doesn't worry about a lot of things. i love video games and 3D modelling, Texturing is something that just started to get my attention and i hope to someday be decent at it.

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Shameless self promotion

Chompster Blog 1 comment
Men Of The Emperor:Burning Horizon Mod Team Men Of The Emperor:Burning Horizon Mod Team Men Of The Emperor:Burning Horizon Mod Team

Or is it? myself and others work hard on this mod so it's only fair to get peoples attention on it right? i'll just go with yes. anyhoo, here are those new top 100 mod buttons to the mod i'm working for. it's a mod for the RTS game Men of War and it's called Men of the Emperor: Burning Horizon. The mod brings the grim dark universe of Warhammer 40,000 to this amazing game in all it's glory(or well as much as the game allowed us to bring) it is currently still in early development and going a bit slow since we don't have a Texture Artist yet to texture up all the awesome stuff we have already made. Some weapons and gear are already in game, a few of which do have some of my lackluster placeholder textures on them which will stay until we can get a Texture Artist to join the team and get started on the rest. with the help from GeneralJ927's tutorials we've managed to make plenty of progress from when some of us joined the team which we are very thankful for. And with his soon to come vehicle tutorial we'll have plenty of goodies to show off to people. though i'm sure it'd be even better if we had someone to Texture them up ;)

that's pretty much it, there could be more but i'm too lazy to type any more so i'll end it here with those cool new buttons to the mod.

Men Of The Emperor:Burning Horizon Mod Team Men Of The Emperor:Burning Horizon Mod Team Men Of The Emperor:Burning Horizon Mod Team

New Rig almost up and running.. almost

Chompster Blog 2 comments

hey there,

I'm still new to blogging so i have no idea if I'm doing this right or not, so some of you might not want to continue due to it maybe being pretty terrible..
anyhoo, this will just be an update to my progress with the new rig(computer) that I'm building. some already know others don't, that's fine! doubt anyone would be very excited for this anyway lol.
but short story is that i made an order 3 weeks ago on TigerDirect.com a great site to find pretty much any electronic item you need, from whole computers to individual parts and also a ton of accessories and whatnot. my old(1.5 year) computer was acting very weird the last 2 months or so before i went to Holland on Vacation the 30th of June. when i came back i tried turning it on.. nothing.. and till today it still hasn't. and iv had the same problem before with it. where i would push the power button and all the lights and fans would turn on like normal but the screen would stay on stand-by. when i came back from vacation it turned on twice, both times no longer than 5mins i would get the blue error screen. so now its been just sitting there waiting for new parts. which of the 4, 3 came in yesterday.
the brand new and highly popular Intel Core i7-2600K 3.40 GHz Quad-Core Unlocked. i'v been hearing nothing but great reviews from this CPU and cant wait to start using it myself! also noticed that a lot of times i would run out of memory even though i had 4GB of DDR3 RAM, so of course i got some new and faster RAM. 8GB of ram that is, and from the brand that i personally trust the most, Corsair. what i got was the Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3, again nothing but great reviews and in combination with the CPU and Motherboard i plan to have its said to be a absolute beast. speaking of which, a new motherboard was also needed, since i was using an AMD Phenom II x4 CPU before. when it comes to motherboards i rarely choose something that isnt ASUS, these people know what they're doing when it comes to motherboard. the one i got is again one of the latest and so much good has been said by people who have already bought it, the ASUS P8P67 Pro B3 Intel P67 Motherboard. amazing looking board, with tons of options and features and more than enough space to go SLI if i choose to in the future(which isn't that far away) and a little extra i chose to take was the Cooler Master 120mm Case Fan with BLUE LEDs. not only will it look awesome in my already blue case it will also add that extra airflow to keep all the components cool, depending on how it works i might get some more to add later(though I'm sure it'll be fine as Cooler Master is known for their high quality products)
User Posted Image User Posted Image User Posted Image

but there's a little problem, the motherboard didn't get shipped.. as i said it went out of stock shortly after i made my order so i had to miss out on it and now the rest of the stuff(CPU, RAM and Fan) is here but i cant do anything with them due to not having a Motherboard to put them on.. but all is not lost as today i got an E-mail by TigerDirect saying that there was a huge demand for the motherboard which is why it went out of stock so quick(its that good!) and my order has been put as urgent so as soon as they get some back in stock it will be shipped, which if it takes as long as the other did, will take about 4 days. which isn't very long considering I'm ordering outside the US.
User Posted Image
so yea, I'm very excited about this new rig I'm working on and cant wait to get my hands on the Motherboard and replace those parts so i can get back to gaming and modeling properly!

seems it got a little longer than intended lol but that isn't a problem i guess, have a nice weekend all!

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