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Unity Games

Unity Games

1,856 members Fans & Clans

For all Unity developers and developers-to-be, both beginners and professionals!

Team of One Game Development

Team of One Game Development

91 members Hobbies & Interests

This group is for you which want to show in your profile you are a single person developing a game, making if not all the game aspects(music, coding...

3D Artists Group

3D Artists Group

1,263 members Arts & Literature

Are you a 3D artist? Are you looking for some inspiration? Do you just want to collaborate or know who your fellow ModDB artists are? Doesn't matter what...

Level Design Group

Level Design Group

655 members Hobbies & Interests

Are you a Level Designer? Are you looking for help/support or other level designers? Then this is the group for you! Doesn't matter what you map for...

The HYENA studio

The HYENA studio

1 member Developer & Publisher

The HYENA studio is a studio of indie game developers in preferred retro styles game.

Indie DB

Indie DB

2,694 members Official

Indie games are changing the world, one giant pixel at a time. With Indie DB we aim to support independent developers and their games, by providing them...



219 members Fans & Clans

The Quake Database for anything quake 1 related! (YES IT LIVES!)

Editor's Notes

Editor's Notes

271 members Official

News is a big thing for gaming and so far we have only dabbled into the blogging news field, up until now that is. Welcome to the Editor's Notes, updated...

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Latest tweets from @chipenstain

Спойлер к проекту в разработке) флатрендер 3 главных персонажей. _____________________ #toon #cartoon #gameT.co

Dec 31 2020

I just posted "How to make PS1 style graphics" on Reddit Reddit.com

Dec 7 2020

#release STARUKON - теперь и в google play! Вышла стабильная версия 2.9.46. Play.google.com #starukonT.co

Nov 30 2020

Новая аватарка в фирменном стиле "гиены" ------- #avatar #аватар #гиена #hyena #chipenstain #илюстрация… T.co

Nov 30 2020

Using Pug (Jade) with Angular (with CLI) Hackernoon.com #javascript #angular2 #angular via @Hackernoon

Nov 27 2020

Студия, бл*ть. как?! Почему ты считаешь, что "-1" больше либо равно 26 и в тоже время оно меньше 0? P.S. ошибка леч… T.co

Sep 24 2020

A low-poly game-ready 3D model of Robo-Frog spaceship with minigun at ship. It Aviable free at: sketchfab :… T.co

May 27 2020

Animated Short Film - THE DOG Youtu.be via @YouTube

Nov 20 2019

Стереотипы и комплексы нужны только для того, чтобы их ломали!

Nov 3 2019

Хей! Уже ноябрь 2019 года) А это значит что ровно 2 года назад, 22 ноября 2017 была выпущена моя первая игра - Zill… T.co

Nov 2 2019