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Perfect sense

Ccx55 Blog

Me: "Hey, I just found this awesome game with loads of fun features, and it's free!"
"Just click here, www.awesomefreegame.com.." (not a real link)

Friend: "Wow, the trailer looks awesome, and the graphics are just incredible, I can't wait to play this! It says here it's co-op too!"

Me: "Yep, against the AI and other players, so download it quick!"

Friend: "Oh, wait, sorry I can't because my little brother says his class has already played the game for three years."


hi i'm currently looking for a programmer that can work with unreal engine 3 if thats you skype me at dekenf.nombre1

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Glad you like it ;)
Now you have one of these on your profile. Enjoy!

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