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Just thought I'd drop this of in case you might want it x)

It's a little idea board for CABAL, with images.

And thank you for your work on Tib Essence! Can't wait for next release! :)

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what's the word on TIbessence? is the mod dead or what?

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Hey Carnius. I'm wondering if you have a way to get me a full breakdown on structures and units for any mods you made. this is not for developing mods I just like collecting data on different subjects and your readme files have no info on the forgotten units of Tiberium Essence except in pictures. Info gathering on games is my hobby and it also helps with thoughts on my fanfiction ideas. hopefully you can get back to me on if I can get that info.

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Hi Carnius. I am playing Tiberium Essence 1.6 Beta and I absolutly love it!
However after some excessive testing I have noticed several bugs worth fixing in the next Version:

Decimator Cyborgs only attack air units if given the order. They wont attack them on their own.
A single Decimator Cyborgor a Decimator Cyborg only squad can´t attack using the a key.
Montauk and Conqueror can be transported by the nightwing or Orca Carryall.
Nod Venoms will only use their napalm launchers once you purchased the laser upgrade.
I don´t know if intended but the Nod Commando will not plant any explosive charges on a enemy Avatar.
GDI Commandos EMP grenade does not work.
Monatauk: Sweeping Advance and Raiding Party descriptions are swapped and Montauk releases two rocket squads containing only one soilder.
Montauk, Decimator Cyborg, Codiak II, Harpy (with Pulse Cannon), Zone Defender, Mammut MKII (anti Aircraft Canon), Scourge, Alien Mothership, Stormrider (with Airburst Plasma Missle) use ALL their weapons including the anti air ones to attack the ground if targetet with CTRL. This can be used to destroy buildings faster if they are still in the fog of war.
Mobile sensor arry can be rebuilt once stationary.
Forced Evolution upgrade does not make Nod engineers resistant against tiberium radiation.

Red Zone Tiberium fields (blue and green) will only be approached by harvesters if told to. CPU doesn´t harvest them at all. Also Size limit of the Fields is always the same.
You can dig any unit with a drill across the hole map in an insant as long as u target a tiberium cristall of any colour.
Nod Cyborg Commando(controlled by CPU) uses it´s charged shot to target air units.
A recent funny bug: GDI (CPU) used Juggernauts and snipers targeting ability to attack my Devastator Ships.
Tacitus building is invisible on low graphic settings.
Super units can be sent through tunnels.
Crates don´t appear on custom made maps (might be my mistake not sure).
Minor "bug": If you command Mutant flak troopers to garnision a GDI riflesquad built Bunker their rockets will be red not green.
Doubletap on superweapons reveals their general location so you can still find them easily.

Those are all the bugs i have found so far. I will let you know if I find any more!

Other than that a perfect Game! Keep up the good work! Can´t wait for 2.0!

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Is it possible to play Tiberium essence mod without the added soundtrack, as i feel like the original Tiberium Wars ost was more immersive :)

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Hello! Can you add to the new version of the mod all the epic units with their abilities from Kane's wrath and, if possible, change and improve them a little? Fashion from this will be even better and more interesting ...

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Hi carniues I'm a huge fan of yur tiberium universe. mods doe I am just gonna ask this. could yu try to figure out a way to add tiberian dawn gdi and nod. Tiberium sun gdi and nod. tiberium wars gdi nod and scrin. and Tiberium twilight gdi and nod + kanes wrath gdi and nod factions. into 1 mod and that they are all ther own factions? + to make the Tiberian twilight armies work i suggest yu add them all as ther own faction like gdi offensive gdi defensive gdi support aka plis and Tiberian twilight engineers are working just as all the other engineer types + cnc 4 tech buildings. p.s sry for bad English i tryed my best writing this messeage i have always dreamed of a mod like that so i coud try cnc 4 nod vs tiberian dawn nod or cnc 3 nod vs tiberian dawn nod

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when the mutant faction release?

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Though we are all excited, patience is a virtue.
Unlike with my MOD, he wishes to make it full-like.
I make releases for my MOD, regardless as to whether it is stable and/or progressed.

When Carnius releases his MOD, I have no doubt that it will be the best that it can be. I will say it, I do think the Tiberium Essence MOD is the best CNC3TW MOD, and even my own MOD will never meet the standard that TE has.

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Hi, first please allow me show my admiration to TW mod genius.

And I'm working on a mod in both TW and KW, this is some of the description.


Now I'm trapped in build new epic unit problem. I wanna give Steel Talons new Epic just like Mammoth MK2, but I'm weak on building it myself, so could you please allow me use your model asset? And if possible, could you share the code about this unit?

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