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Hi guys.
So this is my page ill briefly tell you what im all about:) I study media at college in England and yes I am English in case you wondered. I would like to voice act and im slowly making my name known but hey-ho! Anyways I also post blogs whenever I can about indie games ive played or amnesia custom stories, Im a big amnesia fan just to put that out there.
Peace out guys!

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Hi again guys!

So if you were to buy a indie game lets say for £1, what do you do if it's absolutely terrible? Nothing your stuck with the awful game you were dumb enough to pay money for. Sure you get the odd big indie game such as ATDD (Amnesia The Dark Decent) or Super Meat Boy and yeah they are a hell of a lot of fun! But if you crave more but can't afford to game with the big time, I've found myself with an empty wallet plenty of times but wanting to game. So about a year ago I had paid boring things (Won't go into details) and with no money left I decided to check out this 'indie scene' I had heard so much about, yeah I'd heard of the mains like ATDD and the XBLA indie range, but I wanted to explore more of the web and see what I could find.

Lets say in half a year I was totally hooked, I had played my fair share already by then but I wanted more, just like the average 'hardcore' (As we seem to be labelled as). So I went and found more, and more, and more. You get the point. No matter how many places I looked there was always more than what I ever saw on Steam or XBLA even more freeware is rolling in like god knows what!

So coming to the end of this short blog I just thought that I should share my love for freeware whether its amnesia mods, games, horror I love every single part of it! But something I wasn't aware of is something's that's referred to as 'De-Making' games. I've actually downloaded a Silent Hill 2 tribute called 'Soundless Mountain 2' and if you love silent hill like I do (Scratch homecoming of course) I highly recommend this!

So this is the end of probably a useless blog (Laughs).

Stay cool guys \o/

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