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Baron Brosephus

has no freakin' idea why he joined

Under heaven and sky doeth one rule reign: all that is united will surely divide, and all that is divided will surely unite.

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Greetings, mortal brethren. I am Brosephus, Grandmaster of the Brotherhood of Bros, and Baron of Brosephia. Bear witness, my brothers, that you may know and understand with brotherly understanding, the bravery of all brethren united under Brosephus. Brace yourselves, and bring to bear the brutal brains of our brethren against the befuddled blokes who bray to breach our brotherhood. But be not brash, my brethren. Brawns alone will not bring us victory; nay! Our brotherly brains will break the boorish brigands, and beat the banshees into the broken bramble. Bear the banner of the Bro Brigade with bravado, my brethren, that ye may bring bruising to the brigands that bully your brothers!

For Brosephia!

The CrazyOldTeenager

Baron Brosephus Blog 1 comment

COT here. I'm an American who lives in China, and I'm an amateur voice actor. I also like noodle soup. Huzzah! Feel free to drop a comment on my page whenever you like, I particularly enjoy answering questions related to history or just China in general.

Note to everybody: try out Running with Rifles. Lame graphics, incredible strategic depth. Quite possible one of the best RTS/Shooter hybrids currently on the market.

Petition for Devyn

Baron Brosephus Blog 5 comments

My mother runs a forum dedicated to those who are using diet therapy as a means of controlling epileptic seizures. One of the users on my mother's forum, Heather, has a daughter with epilepsy. Her daughter, Devyn has Angelman's syndrome, and is on the Modified Atkins diet to control her seizures. She's an amazing little girl who's been brave and strong throughout her battle with epilepsy. Devyn has a service dog, who helps her during seizures and her everyday activities. She is also accompanied by an aid, since Devyn's condition impairs her speech abilities.

Unfortunately, the school Devyn studies at has refused to allow her service dog to school, stating that a student may only have a service dog if they are able to verbally command the dog. Devyn's aid on the other hand, is perfectly able to control the dog, and has stated on numerous occasions that she'd do whatever it takes to accompany Devyn to school. However, the school still stubbornly refuses to allow her dog access into the school. Not only is the school denying a student her medical needs, and barring Devyn from getting her education, this is also a case of brutal discrimination against an individual who suffers from a physical and neurological disability.

We need your help to sign a petition so this situation will change and Devyn will not be denied the medical service dog that doctors have determined she needs. Every child deserves the right to the best life possible and Devyn's service dog ensures her quality of life and education. She needs this dog! Sign the petition today!

The Petition: Change.org

You can read up more about Angelman's syndrome here: En.wikipedia.org's_syndrome

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