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Tf2 Vs Overwatch. (And why it is stupid)

BrokenMoist Blog

So when Overwatch was announced, people lost their shit. Many of which claimed that it was a copy of the still popular Team Fortress 2. I am a huge fan of both games and the Scout is actually one of my favorite videogame characters. I have to say though, saying that Overwatch is a rip-off of team fortress 2 it absolutely ridiculous. It is ridiculous for one reason and one reason only, Tf2 is old and it is also one of the first popular games in the genre, so it is only obvious that everyone will want to use its ideas. Another reason is because tf2 is very bland and simple. On its release, tf2 had no real story, no real direction and depth. It had nameless classes with simple designs and game modes. Tf2 had nothing. Meanwhile, Overwatch had an in-depth story in development from the beginning, with unique characters (not classes, characters) and a massive recreation of earth. Valve had to rely on it's community, to make their content. All those cool hats, maps and story ideas were either created by the community, or created by valve years after the game was released. So, if valve had only the bare backbone of an objective based shooter, then Overwatch has nothing to steal. If the first tower defense game had 2 types of towers, squares and circles, and you had to place them to stop triangles of different colors and sizes from entering a diamond. And 10 years later a game where you had 2 towers a mage tower and a cannon, and you had to stop goblins of different colors and sizes from entering a castle, would it be a ripoff of the first?? Of course not! The same applies here. You can't say that a new game is a ripoff of one of the oldest games in the entire genre. It makes no sense.

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