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The best way to enslave a man is to convince him he is free!

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News: Atomia

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Birth of Imrial

Note:Its short because i dont want to make it too complected and give with useless info about it.

Just wanna talk about an idea that i had, hope you like it! am planning to do some writing so maybe make it into a small novel,book or something like that.

Going to try to write an interesting fantasy "book" about the world of Atomia. World of Atomia has around 30 different races with all types of monster and animals and few continents with a lot of islands. The story is about an fallen god called Imrial (The God of justice) that has lost his second war against the main god called Atom and his supporters. There are five gods in the world and five religions. I will talk about his journey though life, his ups and downs. He will create his own race or find an small village to adapt to his new fallen life. There will be an chapter if you want, about the history of the World of Atomia and the Universe. You will learn about all what happened in the last 7 eras of Atomia and the other gods,planets,creatures of the Universe.Hopefully its not gonna seem like his a god and if his an undead/unbeatable god because his the main character and thats not gonna happen because his not a god anymore.Might have few spells,weak powers,main character but that does not make him the strongest,best character in the novel/book.

This is the world of Atomia. More specific it shows all the races and their location. So doesnt shows country(Kingoms,Empires because it will be more medieval time then the todays known modern time). It can be that one type of race/creatures is in the others territories race because they are slaves,traders,bounty hunters,lords etc.

Map 00 12 Races Final 3

Map 00.12 (all races)
3-Animal Kingdoms
23-Archans (holy beings,created by Atom)

Its not an finished map when it comes to coloring and i will talk more about the races when i start posting the finished/final work on my page. There are some made up but mostly are known on the internet.

this is the main/final map that i am going to use for visual arts:

Map 00 12

I gonna try to post some images while giving you guys the chapters. The work is not finished so i dont know how long is it going to be or how many chapters are going to have but this is only an small news blog so stay tuned for more cool stuff on it.

Note:If you have any feedback about this idea of mine,l please! let me know somehow!

Inspired by-Sgt_Prof

Arthur's Adventure

DonBre Blog 1 comment

Arthur's Adventure

This is my first finished game on game maker! I just want to finish something as soon as possible so i can show you at least something but i will add much more levels,animation,background and so on. It has been an huge dream of mine to at least make an one level mini no animation nothing game just to make at least something working lol.

Our topics!

  1. About the game
  2. Images of the levels
  3. Future plans for the game
  4. Future plans of Imrial Studios

About the game:

The game is for now made of square but i will add other stuff while i progress by my learning of the game maker language and for now it has only 5 levels but in the next version i will add 5 or 10 more thats the easiest part you basically just play around on the room/map. There are enemies that are square shape like you are as a player. The only different thing about the player and the enemies are colors for now. There are powerups who are square blue color and give you the ability to jump higher and be faster. You turn blue when you receive/check them and it last for 5 seconds.Square rotating checkpoints who are there to check the last time you "saved" the game or dead and only thing left are the pink/purple portals.

All 5 level images:

First Level


Second Level


Third Level


Fourth Level


Fifth Level


Future plans for the game:

  • First i want the game to be updated often because the game is far away to be finished and then i am probably going to make an second version of the game.
  • Animated character
  • Background
  • Sounds
  • Animation when the enemy dies
  • Second version of the game

Note:If you have any ideas how i can improve this game just send me an private massage and i will look it up.

Imrial Studios:

  • Our plans so far is to improve our first game Arthur's Adventure.
  • Working on an cool full animated with shadows and enemies rpg.
  • Maybe another type of platformer like ice towers.

NOTE:Let me know if you have any feedback or any type of advice, ideas that i could use to improve myself and my skills let me know! thanks for reading and see you soon!


DonBre Blog 1 comment


Wallpaper 06 bigger

'This is going to be more an small blog'

Going to talk about :

  • My Website
  • Alien Races
  • Upcoming

My Website "Nikem"

New Me

Nikem is more about anything and everything.You chose your topic that you would like to talk more about i listed some topics out of my head in the introduction blog. The name will be maybe a little more similar then my first blog on moddb ;) Its more about or suppose to be gathering our minds at one agreeable consciousness that can summarize the best conclusion at the every topic.

Here are some topics that i listed in the introduction blog called "Become more then a Human 2.0"

  • Consciousness
  • Subconsciousness
  • Guardians Angels
  • Spirits Guides
  • Emotions
  • Chacras
  • Aliens
  • Ancient Civilization
  • The Gods Of Egypt
  • The Gods Of Greece
  • The Gods Of Rome
  • Law of Attraction
  • Laws of the Universe
  • The Universe
  • Religion
  • Thoughts
  • Attitude in general
  • Positive Energy
  • Spirits
  • Entities-Good-Neutral-Bad
  • The Hollow Earth
  • Flat Earth
  • Holographic Universe
  • History of mankind
  • Creation of Everything
  • Success
  • Dimensions
  • Other Realms
  • Higher beings
  • Technology
  • Dreams
  • Lucid Dreams
  • Astrail Projection
  • Out of body Experience
  • Council of Five
  • Federation of Light

So Nikem is more about to gather peoples thoughts about things that are not discussed by normal people or even professional politicians but i guess for them thats just normal in this time of society to not talk about things that are a little more important then eating peanut putter.

Hope you will join my journey at Nikemblog.wordpress.com

Alien Races

We are not gonna talk about all alien races because it takes me more blogs to do so or at least one huge blog with all of it but this is more an small blog to stay updated with you guys.Not gonna talk a lot about them too but soon i will be back with a lot of contestant.

Btw they are all humanoid but the sense of having arms and legs and so on but what i met here is more looking like a human being.Like having blond hair being talk, white skin or not soon.

Humanoid races:


Nordic 2

More looking like normal humans beings. More like swedes, blond,tall. Scandinavian type of people. The Brain is the same as the humans one as in the form of size and looks but their midbrain area, where they are allowed thanks to that area to use their telepahtic and telekinetic skills. That explains things like their psionic powers by the nords they are 2 meters in height and the females being 1.7 meters. Females dont have any sweat glands. The skin allows moisture to be drawn from the air as well as moisture to penetrate and the bones are harder.

The Pleiades:


Erra main planet of the Pleiadeans suppose to be terrain. Plus they are the suppose to be the first humanoid race that develop hyper-space travel.They say they live up to 3000 earth years.They are a lot spiritual.

Non Humaniod races:



Classic movie type alien small and big head with huge eyes. They suppose to be an clone race that are slaves to the annunaki. Their race is dying so they are trying to get more dna from the humans, so that they can combine something and replace their old dying dna with something more functional for expending their existens as a race.



I refer to them more like the reptiliens becaue argonian sounds more like an dragonlike but they look like an reptile by their faces.

Some say they are controlling the world by being in the 13 family of the Illuminati organization controlling everything with manipulation of frequency and other methods like banks,money. They say that they are inside reptilians but have their skin form as an humen and that even the rolay bloodline in UK are reptiles and that almost all rolay bloodlines are reptilian. Some argue that they maybe not be exactly reptilian inside like an physical mean but more that in another dimension they are controling the body they poses in the humen form.



A race that came to earth a long time ago to Africa because of the gold. They say that they even breed with our women because they found them attractive and then the rolay bloodline of the earth. They need gold because of in their planet Nibiru that suppose to be in our solar systam but it only comes close to our orbin every 2000 or 3000 years.

Other races Origin,Procyonians,Mib'sTall Grays,Dracos, Reptilians, Agharians, Aghartians, Alpha-Draconians, Altairians, Amphibians, Anakim, Andromedans, Anunnaki, Nimrod, Antaries, Atlans, Al-Gruualix, Airk, Akart, Alabram, Baavi, Bernarians, Blue People, The Blues, Buttahs, Cetians, Tau Cetians, Chameleon, Chirons, Deros, Dracos.


What i met is what are my plans on upcoming blogs, i would love if you guys could give me some ideas that you want me to talk about more. Like specific on it or in general. Deep detailed or just an intro and then if you like it then more about to or both make an blog with intro and then deep detailed information.

Hope you guys give me some ideas what you want me to talk about if not i will just add some stuff that i think you will like :)

Become more then Just a Human

DonBre Blog 4 comments

Become more then just a Human

This are all my thoughts,opinions on life itself and about how we should behave,live our life. Thanks for reading if you are :)

Personalty i don't have a lot of exp on the stuff i am going to talk about but (i still think i have enough exp to explain it to you about my own thoughts) they are still my opinions on life and i have a feeling that i should share it with you guys, so i just will :D

Dont disbelieve or believe what i am about to say, just have your own experience.

f you were in a room with 20 guy/girls and you see a red ball and you say, "hey, the ball is red" but everyone else loughs at you and says, "Pfff.. No, you dum its light blue" and they try to convince you, and you would be like "oh maybe somehting is wrong with my eyes." a lot of time people will believe what other says and not try to have their own experience at all. If you think something is real no matter what everyone else says you have to hold strong to those thoughts and your believe of ...something/whatever because only you can make it into a physical reality if you really believe in it. You need to do your own research and have your own experience to prove it to yourself if whatever other people say is true. I mean the bible is just a joke, the bible is real because the bible says is real,true??? Really? we die,kill because of a book that was written in another language 2000 years ago from 20 people that saw aliens and thought they are gods just because they were taller.. and it was rewritten 1000 of times by the pope, Church.
Do you own research and have your own experience, be different.


Your ego can eat all your motivation or inspiration on what you want to become.. in reality we actually can become whatever we want if we managed our thoughts more on things we want, see in the 4th dimension things happen right the way, in this 3th dimension its slow because of time. (DAMN YOU CRONONS!!) So think about it logically if you are happy all the time you effect other people with that positive energy and will only attract positive things like money, happiness,awesome people , new beautiful girlfriend, business job offers.


are here for reason, they are not here just because of idk they are just here Mr. Obama didnt say that dreams are important so idk ... We all have dreams every night it does not matter if we do or do remember them. To be honest i dont know why dreams are called dreams they are a better reality then we are living in here .. here its always pain , eating, pee, taking a shi.. drinking , walking... working .. no freedom joy ..happiness (well depends on a person :d) They are a lot of subject that can prove that dreams are more then just a dream its another reality that we are not aware enough cause the media and the world bank power are doing an amazing awesome job on holding us back from reaching to the another dimension the 4th where time does not exist and you can do whatever you want, create ,no eating , no drinking , no going o the bathroom just because those things are normal to us does not mean they actually are in another reality that we are suppose to be in long time ago. We have to evolve as a race not nations, countries, races no as one Race to another dimension .. Together as one cause we are all one we are love,god joy happiness.. rise our frequency and vibration to another dimension ... meditate more, go to a place we go every night but are not aware to realize it (i mean i am not enough aware of it eathor nothing bad about it ) Every night we go to the 4th dimension cause we are met to me multi dimentional beings. Life has a purpose but i will talk about it in a minute. If you were more aware right now that you are here and now in this 3th dimension siting in a chair you would be a little more aware in your dreams and if you really are aware that you are in a dream while being dreaming then thats called lucid dreaming or Astral projection.

  • Lucid dreaming : Is when you realize that your in a dream while dreaming.
    Astral projection/ OBE (Out of body exp) : is when your on purpose want to go to the 4th dimension. When your body falls asleep and your mind is awaken and you reach the dream area space /4th dimension.

Nikola Tesla

proved that we dont need gas or anything else we can use the free energy that the Earth is providing us with but the government wanted the people to pay taxes and so on... all his work is probably hidden hope not burned.. We should look at ourself as one that we are all one the universe,we,stars,energy, everything is energy and we are energy the hologram 3th dimension is a hologram too everything is a hologram made of a energy.


(will add more)

We could be so much more if we only took some actu

ally actions against the corrupt government and the media that is trying to make our one race .

.us ...separate from each other and make us watch tv and think and have thoughts about the most retarded possible thoughts you can have then those that are needing to save our planet and race and what you think you attract :) its logically nothing special about it just think about it if your always angry everything will be bad for you the food the chair the water everything if your happy you would probably not even care about those little stuff.. The guy who invented facebook was truly smart and twitter because of them now they know where you live,look,work. We are trying to have a webpage that can all connect us as a community around the world but those are only here just to control us and i dont think that there will every a webage that will not ask you question like what country you from etc.

2012 end of the world!!?

Was a lie ? but was it really i mean, in school and life teaches you a lot of time that you should not take things too literally. A lot of people lough at it...people lough at a lot of things that they can not understand :) The 2012 was truly end of the world that we know soon people will spiritually automatically, not by even knowing wake up and be more aware where they are, Being in a store or a friends house, dream you will be more aware and then just sit down and look at everything around you for no reason?, you will just get more aware where and why you are here an whats going on, on this planet Earth. ( the 2012 end of the world movie was still good :D ) Every movie you watch has a whole different meaning of the literally what is trying to tell you or showing you, it was never met to be physical or literally its more spiritual and just try to see what the movie is actually trying to tell you ..like a messenger.


say That if a race is involved in technology too much compare to the spirituality that they will end their existents by lets say nuclear bombs like the last civilization on mars did. And if aliens and UFOs dont exist why is it an subject or even a HUGE conspiracy and why even conspiracy exist i mean they are not myth and myths have some truth in it too.

We can call ourselfs humans,aliens or whatever you want, we have an physical body and now its up to you to call it whatever you want or yourself. We talk about aliens how they are bad and everything but in a fact we are aliens or spiritual beings having an physical body experience we already had billions of life experiences there is no reason for us to be here we should just continue our journey after death and not come back here for another mission or reason,purpose, i dont even remember my mission or my last life so why should i have another one if i m going to forget who i am and where i am from or my purpose, its just retarded, and thats what religion does too, if your too religions maybe you will see Jesus (Jesus was not even his name) when you die telling you that his real and that you should go back (to earth) but he will not tell you why, maybe to control you easy in earth and to make your soul progress slower. You know in the 4th dimension or after life exp those aliens or creatures cant really do anything to us we are like gods compare to them so they want us to keep us here in this shi.. hole and control us by making us go to School, Work pay taxes and die. o thanks i will just continue my adventure and not come back to the same old shi* with pain,hate etc. go to a place that is much better then this one, no pain nothing just happiness and do whatever you would like, no school, job, money issues just happiness and create like in the dream.

They are a lot of facts and proof that the secret government of the USA and other huge countries that they have a technology more then 500 years advance then today's that we think we have.. They traded our DNA with the Greys (small grey aliens) so that they can get technology from it . A lot of secret Nazi people who worked for the secret Nazi government wen tot he USA the once who tried to go to the Russia didnt stay a long time their. The governments really and truly from their deepest heart dive give a ... about us the actually people living in this planet.. Why do you need to pay money to other people in a planet you were born why? because of idk economics? time, money those are the real illusions not dreams .. dreams are illusions that are here for no reason because you make them seem like that.


indeed has a purpose that we have to search for but we have to know who we really are and ask questions like Why am i here, Who am i .. so on... but i personally think whatever makes you happy and dont lie to yourself .. whatever makes you truly happy will be your purpose in your life ( well i love playing games so i guess i am lucky huh? :D ) Its funny people say when they die ..go to the 4th dimension after life they say sometimes if your religions Yeses will come and tell you to go back to have another life exp because your were not good enough in school or job.. i would say to him "well Jesus if you like the 3th dimension so much then you can go their and go to school, work and die )

All i am asking you is to ask yourself those questions while meditation. (who am i really, why am i here , whats my purpose)

You can become and do whatever you like its only your ego that can stop you same comes with the derams in dreams you can do whatever you like fly,create and you porbaby every night do but are not aware enough to realize it.


Same comes with games :D In life and past lifes and the future maybe lifes that we have is all about gaining and growing your souls experience. Our souls are so big that we have different bodies or how should i say it like soul mates, we divide our soul into different bodies and while we grow and gain more experience knowledge about the truth then we will gain more soul energy to our physical body. (will add more)

Guardian Angels:

Coming soon.

Spirit guides :

Coming soon.



Coming soon.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Knowing Thyself:

coming soon.


Religion is so far the BEST way to control the humanity by telling you that they are someone better then you and that your a low life nobady just a human... lol (makes me lough always ..good times) ...and if your not good enough in Gods image you will go to hell. The bible is true why? because the bible says it thats enough proof so let me tel you this evrything i say here is true so will you believe me now? idk but in the bible worked anyways jokes besides :d Religion is the best way to control and make people hate each other from another .. having your own culture is ok but to kill other human because of a book that no one even knows is tru. The Catolic Circh used the religion to control the people by telling them lets say give me your money , god will love you because you did somehting good. Think about this the only reason you help other people is because you think you did something good and will not go to hell but when you realize that that does not even matter (i am not saying helping people is bad thats good but listen to my point) the main point is that it all depends what you think, your thoughts not what bible or Zeus,Obama,Putin,me say its all about you finding your own path and purpose in life. Religion is here just to control people the bible was rewriten 10000 times they are a lot off facts about it just do your own research i am just trying to say you can kill 10 poeple and after you die if you think your a good person and are always positive nothing bad will happen to you after life. They tried to control the people now with anything TVS,BOOKS, anything ... (dont watch tv at all just dont, its retarded and useless ..while watching they are brainwashing you so dont thanks :D ) Jesus tried to teach people more about spirituality and the universe how we are everything but people didnt really understand him and took it as an advantage especially the Catholic Church. Its liek saying there is god and your just a "little me" just a human doing and waiting for the gods judgement, no we all have our own freewill to let anyone in our lifes or to do whatever we want thats why for example Guardian angels cant just come and say lets say "hi" if you dont let them, you have your own freewill, you are all and everything.


Its a posion that is use to kill a lot of people and the organizations who are controlling this our beautiful world (i guess soon it will not be so beautiful ) are using this to poison to put it in our food so that the 99% (the people) could lower the population so that they can create ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and then they will make you realize that you were and espeasily then how a slave should behave. You,Me everyone are slaves who are not even aware of it same in our dreams we are not aware of the dreams but we are 10 times stronger then them in the dream thats why they are trying to keep us in this 3th dimensional physical world. Not even one Alian civilization who is controlled by another race is not bad as we are in Earth, we have religion,nations, governemnts,wars,hate benong hate..few of us actually are awaken and are not living the "SURE uf the government says its normal it has to be normal... " We are like sheep sleeping in a dream not realizing that we are all controlled by like only 13 families thats like imposibble but i guess not anyone come and visit planet Earth and you will see how the Bullshit mountain actually looks like. GMO makes food grow faster,bigger (kids dont take steriods if your not over 40+ ;) )and become a mutant that will slowly kill your cells, or change your cells and you will become ..retarded and die.


DonBre/Nikola Babic "Nothing really is real." :d Everything is made up with enerrgy this physical dimension other dimension thats why we are like small gods but together we are the God. We can create and do whatever we want in this or next life. The only differents is as i said is time you have to wait.. well in other or higher dimension you dont so why not unite as a race and go to the next dimension .. evolve as a race or die with the technology that we are making. We have to focase more into the spirituality then techology.. see it this way in 4th dimension you dont need techology to create stuff only your brain. Techology will kill our race one day if we focuse too much and we cant depend on anohter magical aliens to come and save us from the Goverrnment we have to take the resposebility or we will not exist soo. Ask yourself why do we work, go to school because of money? why does money exist then ? just ask yourself those questions.. the best way to control a whole race is by not letting them not ever realize they are slaves to the 3th dimensions and the government. The only reason we can create stuffin 3th dimension and other dimesion is because everything is energy an hologram. (Matrix is an awesome movie match part 1 explains a lot of things) If you have a thought or think about it in your head you already created that just in another reality, dimension.

Dead because of you,us:

They are a lot of people who tried to give you a lot of good and not simple messengers by songs or movies even today movies are trying to show you an complicity opposite thing, show then you think your watching (The reality) . Just image that we the people would actually listen to those victims and do some actual spiritual or physical actions not be stitiing in the chair and be like ..oh ok that makes seance cool yay , organize yourself and save our planet from slavery just because we dont have stones on our back (students do) does not mean your not a slave, for a fact yes we are just do your own research and rebel its easy, you can rebel spiritually does not have to be physically. We are slaves who are not ever aware of it, so funny right? John lennon was killed by a random guy who was reading a book and for some reason in his head thought "i will and should kill this person" thats what the guy himself said after he killed John Lennon, so image how the governments are brainwashing us by tvs,hate,wars its an subject not for taking it as a joke but as a reality that your living in and it only depends on your thoughts what the reality your living in will become. Bob Marleyn and all other people who tried to explain a simple messenger to the world and got killed because of it by the World elite (NWO,ILLUMNATI)

Just think that the world,this reality is living in your brain and not your brain,body living in this world.

Hell and Heaven are only existing in our brain and can become real. I mean if your always angry but a good person when you die and go to the 4th dimension you will probably summon a lot of negate things like demons and so on.. and you will think your a bad person. You have to get hold to your thoughts, you create your own reality with your thoughts behavior and feelings.


We are immortal just because of our 3th dimensional physical body will one day happily :) die does not mean its all over we will go to another reality that is probably 9999999999999,999999,999,9 times better then this one, you get more senses and its just 9999999999999,999999,999,9 so try to have a out of body experience next time when you sleep.. rather be aware of what your doing in your dreams then not right?

We are all suppose to be aware when we fall asleep in our dreams if we did i dont think dreams would be called dreams it would be more like Heaven the name we would use or another reality that we naturally visit.( if your positive at that moment having an out of body experience) but anyways... Its like watching a movie in a computer and just turning your face to the "real world" thats how easy we should be able to see or go to the 4th dimension ..we do it every night when falling asleep just be awake and let your body sleep and you will see what will happen.. loud variations and then...

Our brain can do so much ... we are like little gods, cells living in the Earth (btw Earth is a living being/ not because of the trees) but if we as small gods unite as ONE we can create a lot of cool and awesome things like happiness :) Its like working out, its all in your mind right?

peace and love from the Don :D

Ps. (Sorry for my English .. far away from perfect .. trust me its FAR AWAY IN DIFFERENT GALAXY :d ... same comes with German, Sweden or any other langues :d First blog ever so have mercy ) i will keep on changing and adding on this blog so remember to come back and check it out thanks a lot :)


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